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10 Cheesy Things Every Couple Does But Never Admits To

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10 Things that every couple makes but never confesses

Okay, so we say we’re not kitschy, but I’m pretty sure most of us are, especially when we have a special person. You don’t believe me? Read this list and tell me the same thing when you’re done.

When your friends are in love, it’s so easy to laugh at their theatricality and laugh at how they behave. But it’s only when you slip into their shoes that you realize you’re no different from them. Some couples say, “We don’t believe in PDA,” and blah, blah, blah… but you just can’t be in love without being a little trivial. I wonder what I mean. Let me get this straight. If you’ve done all or some of these things when you’re in love, you’re definitely trivial to some extent. It wouldn’t hurt the brat in you to give him nicknames. It’d be easier to change your name to Angelina. But, yes, I understand that you already came up with a nickname for your friend before you met him, and it’s all thanks to the movies. From Cookie and Cutie Pie to Teddy and Honey Bun, names can be interesting, and sometimes funny. Every time your phone beeps or rings, you think it’s from your phone. And if it’s not, you should send him romantic texts like “I miss you” or “I’m waiting for you” to remind him what you think of him. If you just said, “We’ve done this before,” then join the club, girls, because you’re not alone!


Yes, we all know that! Except for those who want to keep their relationship a secret for some reason, most couples can’t stop raving about their love life. Girls exaggerate a little. Their Facebook pages tend to be full of the complacency that their boys usually occupy. No, I don’t mind at all. If you’re happy, you can show it. But haven’t we already seen girls putting up emotional lines from a movie or a love quote poster and so on? That’s what I meant when I said I went too far. I’m in over 20 groups. And I have all these groups on mute. No, I don’t hate any of them, but I’m tired of reading good morning, nightly messages and especially so-called inspiring messages. That’s what I call Guyana. So you can imagine how many messages a couple in love would exchange in one day. Morning, baby, good night, sweet, night pumpkin pie. And wait before you act rashly. If your boyfriend’s the first thought that comes to your mind in the morning, so be it. I’m not here to give you relationship lessons. But if you didn’t know, that’s corny, too!

Baby talk

Being in love is like looking back on our childhood days. I remember being absorbed in a book on the bus when I suddenly heard my fellow travelers talking. It was as if she was talking to a child. I distracted myself from her conversation and tried to concentrate on my novel until she told me: “Okay, baby, I need to hang up.” That’s when I realized she was talking to her husband. It’s a childish conversation! Exchange love letters

But just because we’re technically old doesn’t mean we stop writing. Many couples exchange sweets on a piece of paper. Maybe a love note with a bar of chocolate or a note with a bouquet of flowers – your choice!

Celebrating significant events in a relationship

Girls like to follow important dates – the day they meet a guy, the first kiss, the day they sneak out, and so on. It’s true for a couple who recently fell in love. So don’t be surprised if your girlfriend says she’s celebrating her weekly anniversary. Love saving souvenirs

If you don’t believe me, just dig through the closet and be sure to find some souvenir – cinema tickets, a mug of beer, a gift for a first date, a watch, etc.

Singing songs about love

Professionals can’t stop their relationship. He sings songs, sings his favorite romantic songs and so on.

Never end a phone conversation without the usual single-layer.

When you are in love, the calls last for hours. And you just don’t want to hang up. But if you don’t have a choice, you won’t miss a chance to tell her/him how much you love him. Most couples in love replace “bye” with “love you.” You may not understand this, but only the audience knows how much you’ve changed since your love revealed his feelings for you. But while you’re enjoying it, it’s okay.

Do you know any other trite things that couples usually do? Share them with us in the “Comments” section below.

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