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10 high-calorie products that you should never eat before going to bed

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Can you imagine a house without a warm, cozy, hospitable bed? Would you even call it “home, sweet home” if you couldn’t sleep in it properly? Wouldn’t you? That’s what we thought. Sleeping is so important! If you don’t do it, you won’t even feel at home. After all, for most of us, sleep is the only way out of the dreary bustle of everyday life. So getting it is absolutely necessary. And if so, then why do you eat certain foods before going to bed, which delay and even break the dream? Shouldn’t you do the opposite? No matter how tempting certain foods may look, these 10 high-calorie foods are strictly prohibited before bedtime if you want to have healthy sleep and a healthy body. Despite the fact that pasta provides convenience for cooking after a long day, it falls into the category of “excluded” products, as it contains quite a few calories. All this is due to the content of cheese and butter in it. Therefore, digesting food may take some time, which may disturb sleep. It can also lead to increased body fat.


Pastas Italian cousin, pizza is no less an enemy of health and sleep! This fatty food is loaded with ingredients that are high in acids and therefore quite difficult to digest. So if you eat pizza at night, you’ll have an inflated stomach and you’ll have trouble sleeping. If you make pizza regularly, you should also expect your body fat percentage to increase over time.


What harm can a small piece of candy do? It’s just a dessert, right? That’s not right! Sweets before bed can exceed the daily calorie limit. And as we all know, extra calories are stored in the body like fat. So if you have a weight-loss plan, this tiny scam won’t help you! Research also shows that sweets can change brain waves and cause nightmares before bed. It’s not so sweet anymore, hmm?

Red meat

Red meat can easily be called the most delicious meat. Due to its versatility, it tastes both dry and fried, and is slowly cooked in a luxurious sauce! And that makes it a very tasty dinner, rich in protein and iron. But your body needs energy to synthesize and break down proteins. So if you eat red meat for dinner, you will stay awake longer and will not be able to sleep, because your stomach will work hard on your food

Dark Chocolate

Show that dark chocolate is the healthiest dessert for everyone. But, despite its advantages for brain and memory, it still has some disadvantages. Namely: calorie and caffeine content. While calories lead to the accumulation of fat, caffeine in dark chocolate has a stimulating effect and prevents sleep. Why? Because these vegetables can make you feel full after meals, and a heavy stomach is not the feeling you want before bedtime. Besides, such vegetables can cause a flatulence, because your digestive system is not able to process these vegetables at night!


Nothing guarantees such a fast sleep as alcohol! But even if you fall asleep faster after a few drinks in your body, you will definitely not sleep well. Alcohol can cause night sweats, which can seriously affect your sleep quality. Alcohol is also high in calories, so it is not suitable for your weight.

Cheeseburgers can easily be eaten with products such as pasta and pizza, as they are more or less the same in one respect – they all contain a lot of cheese! You should therefore avoid them for dinner, for the same reason that you avoid pasta and pizza. They increase stomach acidity and cause heartburn.

9. Chili sauce

This includes foods cooked in this fire sauce! You can even add spicy food to this list. Chili sauce or spicy food for dinner can increase stomach acidity and cause a strong burning sensation in your stomach. It can also cause stomach pain and even diarrhea

If you have a snack at midnight, you will most likely enjoy a packet of chips from time to time. Well, you shouldn’t do that. You shouldn’t have any other processed foods either. At any time of the day, to be exact! This is because these products contain sodium glutamate, which is known to cause sleep disturbances. Ideally, your dinner should be light and consist of fresh vegetables or lean meat in small portions. You can even eat magnesium-rich food at night for a good night’s sleep. So, eat well and sleep better!

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