1988: Sonny Bono, elected mayor of Palm Springs, California

Mayor Bono

As the mayor of Palm Springs, Sonny Bono added a new chapter to his life, which included the pop star with the success of his then Cher Vegas and the fame of television programs. After leaving the entertainment business in most of the 1980s, he became a restorer in Palm Springs, California. A meeting with the city council about the size of his restaurant and the renovations he wanted to do inspired him to run for mayor and make the city more attractive for business. During his four years in office (1988-92), he studied at work, making some big changes in the city.

Bono ran for mayor to evict the Old-Bois Club

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While living in Palm Springs, Bono opened an Italian restaurant named after him and almost immediately had problems with the city. Bono wanted to put a new sign on the building, but they said it was too big and that inspired him to run for the city council in 1988. He not only wanted to put a bigger sign on Bono, but he also said he wanted to release situations. an old guard who wanted to stop all other companies from doing what they wanted. The former singer not only used the recognition of his name during his campaign, but also spent more than 100,000 dollars to compete against his opponents, while they spent about 30,000 dollars.

Bono attacked City Hall during his campaign

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Like many candidates for mayor of Palm Springs in 1988, Bono promised to make Palm Springs a jewel of Southern California. When the current government refused to bring new jobs to the community, Bono said it would bring the entire film festival. He always chased away city council members at the time, saying that if they could prevent someone like him from running a successful business, they could do real harm to a normal person. In an interview during your campaign.

Bono won the landslide

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The day after his former mistress and entertainment partner, Cher, won an Oscar for his role in the film Lunatic, Bono became mayor of Palm Springs. He called the parallel success a “blow for two”. He won the competition with 4,842 votes, leaving the other eight candidates in the dust. After announcing the victory, Bono took the podium at the Suite de Makim Hotel Rocky He was scared before sending a few more blows to the departing board members. He told his followers hos:

People from Palm Springs tried to get him out of the office

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A year after the election, Bono did not keep his promises and, what is worse, he used the city’s money for his own funds. According to People magazine, he spent $ 4,500 on city funds to shoot new commercials. After that, he asked Palm Springs to pay first class tickets for him and his family for “official work”, although his villains said that he only wanted to participate in the Cannes Film Festival. None of this is great, but his voters were more upset that he did nothing to boost tourism or make the city more famous at a time when students were springing up in the spring.

Bono became serious and created a film festival

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Threatening to be removed from office in the second round of elections, Bono focused on the job ahead of him. To bring money from wetland tourism to the city, in 1989 he created the Palm Springs Film Festival. The festival aimed to create a “new twist in old Hollywood” and revive the city, making it a place that artists from all over the world want to visit. . . Julie Baumer, former city director of marketing and tourism, said: “Sonny loved Palm Springs and wanted the city to be in fashion again.” To do this, he added outdoor seating in restaurants and added the same types of bright umbrellas that you can find at film festivals in Europe. While Bono was trying to bring money to the city, he was also trying to donate money to wealthy participants, and Baumer said that, unlike anyone else, he could play them “like a harp”.

Bono ended the spring break

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During the 1980s, Palm Springs became a battlefield every year around spring break. Young people visiting the deserted city were out of control, and in 1986 there was a legal unrest that threatened the safety of everyone in the city, and Bono wanted to abolish the city’s reputation as the city’s capital and make it a place where families felt safe. . He produced an advertisement to promote Palms Springs as a healthy place that did not satisfy hooligans working in colleges. He created events that took place at the same time as the spring unfolding to prevent the city from being filled with young people who were what he called “healthy things, all American, apple pies.”

Unfortunately, the spring harvest festival and the sports tournament in the cross wall were not enough to stop the participants, so in 1990 he personally patrolled the center of Palm Springs on Harley and detained those who are believed to be unrelated. Then he became even more serious. He created laws banning bikinis, balloons and water guns. Drinking by the pool was not allowed after 11 p.m. and an additional fee of $15 was added to police investigations submitted during the spring break.

A year later, Bono stepped up the game against the spring holidays, ordering city workers to set up more than 200 concrete barricades around the city, creating a large traffic jam that prevented young people from crossing the city center. After the mandate of the mayor, the spring break in Palm Springs was no more.

His duties as mayor gave him a taste for politics.

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At the end of his term, Bono really enjoyed being a politician. After the end of the transition from a pop star to a restoration and conservative mayor, he decided to run for national office. After leaving the post of mayor, Bono ran for the Senate in 1992, but was elected in 1994. tCongress as a representative of California County 44, a position he held until his death in 1998.

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