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If there were the most complicated form of relationship, it would be a relationship from a distance. Long-distance relationships are very different from normal relationships in one city and can test your patience and challenge your perception of what a normal and healthy relationship is. As long as you are ready to go the extra mile! Figuratively speaking, of course.

This is 10 amazing ideas to help you build a stronger and longer term relationship at a distance:

1. Give yourself a day before you ask a difficult question

In LDR negative thoughts and questions can get into your head pretty quickly. And while you should definitely share them with your partner, you should give yourself some time before acting rashly. This will help you understand whether the thought or question was fleeting or chewing. If he is still grumbling, talk to your partner.

Save very serious conversations to meet with your partner. But they can be overcome if you resolve the most difficult disputes and questions in a private session rather than an online session. Phone conversations and texts can lead to more misunderstandings, so as long as you are not together, you should avoid serious topics. Learn and adapt to each other’s angry moods

Anything is different about stress and conflict, including your partner. Therefore, you should both try to learn how the other person behaves in similar situations, and adapt to the other person’s patterns in order to know how best to deal with them. This will also help both of you to deal effectively with disagreements. Be creative to show your concern

Since you can’t just show up at your partner’s door and surprise them, you need to think of innovative ways to make them feel special. From time to time, give them little surprises, such as a handwritten heart letter, a flower and/or a meal delivery when they’re gone, or even a long date! Give each other virtual space  More than enough real space exists between the two of you, but for your LDR to work, you must also give each other virtual space. This means that you understand each other and do not expect your partner to answer your messages or answer your calls immediately. You both have to accept that you have work, personal interests and some other unexpected things to do and that cannot be accessed all the time. Set a time for chat or Skype every day so there is no misunderstanding.

2. Enjoy time alone until

Remember that you have decided to keep a relationship at a distance even though you know exactly what distance is. So don’t waste time being sad about it. Instead, choose this time to get productive and become more attractive to your partner. This will also give you a lot to talk about over the phone.

3. Do Some Things Together

We know this sounds impossible, but you can still do it! First, think about the activity you both like – it could be a movie, reading a book, jogging or even baking something together. Once you’ve sorted it out, do it together on the same day, at the same time, but at home, in your four walls. Not only will it enrich your conversations, but it will even make you feel like you are together. Set a fixed time of conversation

In LDR you can only talk, but you should not talk too much. Excessive talking can cause you to run out of topics and even be perceived as invading another person’s privacy, which is actually quite dangerous. The best way to achieve balance? Talk to each other and determine how much you both need to talk in a day without disturbing each other. And this should apply to voice calls, not texts.

Increase intimacy in any way possible You both need to figure out ways to increase intimacy with each other. This does not mean that you only focus on physical intimacy, you must do the same for every other aspect of your daily life. For example, suppose that you can video chat every day while you are doing your daily tasks to make another part of your life. So if you are jealous, it is important to know the “why” behind it. Is it a lack of trust or distrust? Whatever your conclusion, carefully discuss this feeling with your partner to gain trust and confidence. But if you are willing to do your best, your relationship may even lead to a marriage in which the distance will be reduced forever.

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