A clean, beautiful nose without any plastic surgery! How to get a major makeover with massage and makeup

clean nose

Many nose problems. Even if you wear make-up, you can’t see the fullness of the nose. Let’s get rid of such problems in a way that you can do by yourself. Introducing the massage and pressure points to clear the swollen nose that tends to accumulate waste. We also introduce the recommended items and makeup techniques to get rid of the roundness.

Massage to refresh your nose and cleanse your face

Face Massages

Stimulates the sides of the nose, which tend to be swollen, and gives the impression of a clearer nose.

Yukari Hayashi, a hair and make-up artist, who taught me how to do it.

With her outstanding skills and sense of style, she has been active in the fashion and beauty pages of a wide range of women’s magazines. She is expected to be even more active in the fashion and beauty pages of various women’s magazines.

How to do it

clean nose


STEP 1- Flush your neck first.
The massage starts with the application of lotion, serum, and cream according to the model’s skin condition. Start with the neck and collarbone. Instead of massaging the face first, it is important to create a pathway for waste products.

STEP 2- Smooth the face line with your palms.
Massaging with your fingertips can cause the skin to become red and wrinkled. The key to lifting the face line is to use the entire palm of your hand to press down on a wide surface to make it less stressful.

STEP 3- Push the side of the nose.
Push the area by the side of the nose, where waste tends to accumulate and swell. Rubbing the surface of the area will not help, so use the second joint of your index finger to apply pressure and loosen the area, and then push to the left and right at three points, three times each.

STEP 4-  Pull up your cheeks with your entire finger
Hook your thumb under your chin and use the chopper of your index finger to lift your cheek and massage. Pull up from the side of the nose to the side of the ear at once, and then apply pressure to the side of the ear to flush out the waste. Do this at least three times.

STEP 5- Round and round the ear.
Relaxing the ear area is an effective way to reduce swelling in the face. Place your index and middle fingers between your ears and rotate them forward and backward five to seven times each. The blood circulation improves and your face will feel surprisingly warm and fuzzy. Then, run from the neck to the collarbone.

STEP 6 – Push around the eyes.
Shiatsu to make the eye area open up. First, push on the top of the eyebrow with your thumb as if applying pressure to the hollow of the eyebrow. Then, run your thumbs down the middle of the eyebrows to the corner of the eyebrows and up to the edge of the nose. Do this 3 to 5 times until the eye area looks clearer.

STEP 7- Face line lift-up press
Finally, lightly press your temples with one hand and use your other hand to pull your face line & cheeks upward from the center of your face at an angle. If you do this with your mouth open, you’ll pull too much and create wrinkles, so the trick is to keep your mouth closed.

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Makeup makeover! Turn a dumpling nose into a beautiful nose.
Soften the presence of the nose.
The person who taught me this was… hair and make-up artist Yumi.

She belongs to Three PEACE. She also offers hair and make-up lessons for the general public, and is very good at making suggestions that suit each individual! He went further into researching nose makeup for this project!


Closeup Of Woman Belly With A Scar From A Cesarean Section

The highlights are only upward! Soften the presence of the nose.
Put a highlighter on from the forehead to about the border of the nose bone. By collecting and emphasizing light upwards, it reduces the impression of a round nose.

Shading makes the width of the nose look narrower and narrower.
Add a nose shadow from the top of the eyebrows along the hollow of the eye socket. Add shadow to the crease of the nose as well and tighten the width of the nose.

Highlighting is the part of the face that is forward and high in the face when viewed from the side. Lowlights (shading) are put in next to the highlights, the area that goes back and lower. The shadows next to them will make the highlights more pronounced. The important part is the red dotted line! The upper eyebrows and nose are the areas that look shiny no matter how nicely you put on the light, so be careful. Some surprisingly many people have been told that their skin looks shiny when they applied glow-in-the-dark makeup. If you are one of those people, you don’t have to worry about it anymore as long as you apply the powder to these two parts of your skin.

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