Akiyo Yoshida teaches you how to choose a sunscreen that won’t burn without a parasol!

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The rumored beauties with too much clear skin… We asked them to tell us more about their “clean skin” secrets! In this issue, we focus on the freelance announcer, Akiyo Yoshida, who maintains her skin whitening while balancing work and child-rearing. What is her secret to not getting sunburned while raising a child?

What’s the secret to not getting sunburned while raising a child, according to freelance announcer Akiyo Yoshida?

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This spring, she changed her mind and went for a short haircut. Instead of covering up her fashion for fear of getting sunburn, Ms. Yoshida says she wants to enjoy dressing up in a summer style. What’s more, she says, “I can’t use a parasol when I go out with my two-year-old daughter, so my neck and arms are exposed to as much sun as I can get. That’s why I’m so particular about using sunscreen.

When she was working for a TV station, she suffered from severe skin irritation as a result of her erratic lifestyle.

My skin is relatively stable now, but I still break out when I’m not careful and my skin reacts easily to UV rays. I’ve always been a fan of cosmetics, so I keep a variety of UV-protection cosmetics on hand and talk to my skin to see which one looks good for the day. It’s fun to look in the mirror and my skin doesn’t waver.

1. I always keep at least three bottles of sunscreen for my face and body and use at least three bottles depending on the condition of my skin and my plans for the day.

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Physical use is shared with my daughter. Baby-friendly.
For days with plenty of exposure.
Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Mild Milk Milk a SPF50+/PA++++ 60ml

Excellent make-up application. For a day of crisis.
POLA B.A. Light Selector SPF50+/PA++++ 45g

Every morning at the end of your skincare routine.
Clé de Peau Beauté Emulsion Protect Uris n SPF25/PA+++ 125ml

2. Apply plenty of sunscreen like a moisturizing cream.



It’s important to use sunscreen generously and evenly. Apply about a large pearl of sunscreen to your face and streaks of sunscreen on your body before spreading it on your palms.
Even when I’m at home, I apply sunscreen to my face and neck and reapply when I sweat. Sofina’s sunscreen is highly moisturizing and affordable, so it’s very useful.

3. Cooldown your skin when you get home. Don’t let the redness linger.

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If you feel your face is feeling hot, use (right) Shiseido Carmine Lotion (N) 260ml  chilled in the refrigerator and pat it on after your bath, or (left) Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare Minon AminoMoist Amino Full Shower 150g. On days spent at home, use the spray every few hours to moisturize.

4. Regulate your gut and prevent rough skin from the inside out

regulate your gut and prevent rough skin


Constipation is the skin’s worst enemy.
I drink a miso soup with lots of vegetables and massage my intestines,” she says.

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