Behind the Beauty In the Grocery Store! 10 Products for Home Care of Skin and Hair


We are all used to trust our beauty care to beautiful jars of creams and sera, gels, and balms, which (we hope) will be miraculous. We do not urge you to give them up, but we remind you again: very effective and, what is important, natural skin and hair care products are waiting for us in simple grocery stores.



What is useful? It is known that avocado is the fattest plant product available. The fat contained in avocado can provide the skin with nutrients as well as save it from dryness – avocado is considered an excellent ‘moisturizer’. It also contains vitamin A, which is essential to the cellular formation process that renews the skin. But vitamin A needs fat for “work”, and there is plenty of it in the avocado.

How to use it? Avocado meat turned into mush can be a useful face mask. You can add a spoonful of cream and an egg yolk to the avocado in this form and then mix it all. The mask will give a moisturizing and rejuvenating effect, help relieve inflammation and irritation and visually “tighten” the skin.

Olive oil

Olive Oil

What is useful? Since ancient times, this oil is not only used as a food but also for self-care – in both cases, the product is a rich source of vitamins. In duo A and E, they are especially useful for hair care at home – they moisturize hair, provide it with strength, shine, and a beautiful, healthy look. Olive oil saves skin from dryness, softens, and gradually has an anti-aging effect on it.

How to use it? Olive oil as a hair mask is a favorite SOS product of the models: when the hair becomes dry and brittle after numerous dyes, hot styling, application of sticky styling agents, the hair mop can be saved thanks to the softening and nourishing properties of this oil. Girls apply it to hair roots as well as to dry ends.



What is useful? Honey is another treasure trove of useful substances, including vitamins of B group, iron, potassium, magnesium, iodine, zinc, manganese, and many others. The skin undoubtedly needs them, but honey not only saturates it with useful substances, but also helps moisturize the skin (and for a long time), cleanses it, and protects it from UV rays thanks to antioxidants in the composition.

How to use it? For home care – wear face masks (make sure you are not allergic to honey). By mixing honey with egg yolk, you will also get an excellent mask for natural hair care, which will delight you with its regenerative properties.


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What is useful? Cucumbers are more than 95% more composed of water, and it is this water that stores the most useful things that are in these vegetables: vitamins (B1, B2, C, E, and others), minerals, and trace elements. The skin absorbs this “cocktail”, and it is good for her – only B vitamins can remove inflammation, as well as support the production of collagen, not to mention the mass of properties of each trace element.

How to use it? Cucumber juice – as a lotion (it will refresh the skin, tone it back, get rid of pigment spots and blackheads), cucumber slice – for washing (wipe their face – the skin will immediately freshen up), cucumber “circle” – to help the area around the eyes (from swelling, bags, and bruises under the eyes will not leave a trace). A mask of grated cucumber and egg white will help to make your skin look healthy.



What is useful? Although it is called the “sweet death,” the benefit of sugar for the skin, if used for cosmetic purposes, has not been canceled. Take sweet sugar when you need to return softness to your skin, cleaning it from dead cells.

How to use it? You will get a natural sugar scrub by mixing the ingredient with olive or almond oil. Gently rub it on the skin to exfoliate the cornea layer! By the way, lip scrub is most often made of sugar – it’s an indispensable tool when you need to “smoothen” your lips so that the lipstick lies on them more evenly.



How useful is it? Another product, which is famous for its antioxidant properties, that is, it can protect against free radicals, harmful effects of UV rays and prevent premature aging.

How to use it? Make a cherry face mask (stretch the berries into mushrooms, but don’t keep them on your face long enough so that the skin doesn’t redden). This care with natural products will protect the skin from negative external influences, as well as level the complexion, improving microcirculation.



How useful is it? For skincare purposes, you can also use an exotic fruit such as papaya (if you suddenly find yourself on tropical islands). Its juice helps to renew the skin – it removes corneal cells, relieves inflammation, and soothes the skin.

How to use it? The papaya mask will help to bring the skin back to normal if it has inflammation, irritation, and swelling. At the same time, keep the fruit pulp and juice away from the hair! For home care, papaya is not suitable at all. The substance papaya in its composition destroys keratin, which means it weakens the hair and prevents its growth.



What is useful? Squeeze all the juices out of the lemon! After all, they contain organic acids that can help with whitening – removal of pigment spots and freckles.

How to use them? For skin and hair care. Apply the juice on rough skin on your elbows and legs – it will soften. Mix the juice with natural yogurt and you will get a mask that will help to fight wrinkles. And when used on your hair, lemon juice will help you get a natural lightening of the strands – again, thanks to its bleaching properties.

Green Tea

Green Teaa

What is useful? Green tea is full of antioxidants: vitamins A, B, and C in its composition will protect the skin from free radicals, which means – from premature aging. Also, this tea can improve skin renewal processes, prevent inflammation, and reduce irritation.

How to use it? You can wipe your face with a cotton pad soaked in a well-brewed green tea (this “lotion” will help to cleanse, soften, and prevent further pimples). There is an option to “freeze” the tea, and then wash your face with tea ice cubes – then your face will still feel cheerful and fresh.

Egg white


What is useful? Most egg whites are water, so they have a moisturizing effect, but at the same time, their tightening properties can be useful for skin care. Hair protein nourishes and firms your skin.

How to use it? Protein will show its ability in facial masks (with lemon, honey, starch, and other ingredients) and especially help oily skin – get rid of the “oily” shine and enlarged pores. Protein masks are also useful in the care of hair with natural products – they give the hair shine, firmness, lushness, stimulate its growth, get rid of dandruff and loss.

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