Best Calculators

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Best Calculators

It doesn’t matter if the student is a scientist, a small businessman or just someone trying to control their own finances! A calculator is a small but essential tool that can really help make life a little easier. From simple calculations to more complex formulas, from figuring out how much tips to leave, to converting matrices, the best calculators can save you expensive mistakes. We’ve compiled our recommendations for the best calculators and graphical calculators to help you keep your hand on track with your accountant! When you run out of toes and hands, it’s time to invest in a new tool that will help you take this math under control!

Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS 2-Line Scientific Calculator

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Are you studying for your exams? Or maybe AP exams, then the TI-30X IIS 2 linear scientific calculator from Texas Instruments is your best choice to help you. This renowned calculator has many features that make it an excellent candidate for the best calculator. This small device is capable of solving complex tasks such as logarithms, trigonometry, algebra and so on. This makes it ideal for professionals who regularly perform spontaneous calculations at a high level or for students preparing for exams. In addition, it has a two-line display that shows both the equation and the result at the same time, saving time as well as reducing errors in the equation. Thus, if there is an error in the equation resulting in an unwanted result, you can quickly check the above line and correct the error. It is also very user-friendly and at the same time portable enough to carry in your pocket. In addition, this ingenious calculator has a rugged solar panel, which is also good for its durability. In addition, the LCD screen is very bright and the display is perfect for all users. Buying a calculator from Texas Instruments is no problem and is the best choice for professionals and students alike. Without a doubt, it is a product worth testing and with a one-year limited warranty, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a chance.

Key features

Capable of solving high-level calculations and problems

Two-line display that shows both the equation and the results at the same time

Easily accessible menu for easy usage

A solar-powered battery that lasts long


Brand Texas instruments

Model 30XIIS/TBl/1L1/BK

Weight 4.8 ounces

Helect H1006 Standard Business Calculator

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If you work in retail or own a company, it is very important to have some kind of professional calculator that will help you in your daily activities. Some scientific calculators work for students or professional scientists, but as a retailer you probably do not do trigonometry calculations. This makes the science calculator for business owners a bit exaggerated. It doesn’t mean they don’t have the right products for them, which is exactly what makes the Helect H1006 Standard Function Desk Business Calculator stand out. The first thing you will notice about this calculator is its size. It may not fit in your back pocket, and while that may mean it’s not a device you’ll take everywhere, it’s by no means useless. For that matter, it is the main candidate for the best business calculator. Its size allows it to have a large screen and it easily displays 12 digits, which is great if the solution to your input problem has many decimal places. What’s more, the display is large, so it’s easy to see even people with some form of visual impairment. It also has an “off” button, which is an attractive addition that already makes it superior to most computers there. In addition, it is solar powered and can run on battery power if it runs out of power at some point. Too bad it doesn’t come with a battery, but one AA battery isn’t that hard to find, so it’s not a big flaw. In general, it can solve some rather complicated problems, such as fiscal and currency conversion. Thanks to the color-coded keys, numbers are easy to identify and have a decimal point setting function, which is also very practical. In short, it is undoubtedly the best calculator for entrepreneurs and retailers.

Key features

An ‘off’ button

Solar-powered with space for a single AA battery as backup

Large 12-digit display screen

Capable of solving complex problems


Brand Helect

Model H-1006-Calculator-Basic-SL

Weight 8.8 ounces

Sharp EL-244WB Business Calculator

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Design is not always what many calculator manufacturers really look at. They make these impressive devices that can solve all kinds of problems, but they never look like that. The Sharp EL-244WB business calculator is different in this respect. Equipped with a bright look that’s easy to see with your eyes, Sharp Business Calculator is designed to make your life easier as an entrepreneur and at the same time a reliable companion wherever you go. It has a very large eight-digit display, which is suitable for most amounts. Moreover, the numbers are easy to read even at long distances, which makes them a great tool for people with visual impairment. Size also plays an important role, as the device is small and compact and fits easily in a pocket or small bag. Wearing it is child’s play and does not cause you any stress. As well as having automatic control keys, a percentage key and an independent three key memory, it is certainly ideal for small businesses that need to make calculations on the go and automatically switches off when not in use – a great help for the forgotten. If you’re the one who regularly enters numbers into the calculator, the Sharp Business Calculator is for you. Equipped with sturdy plastic keys, this calculator can take a lot of punishment and still come out almost unharmed. It also runs on solar energy, which is always good, and can work with the battery that comes with it. In short, it’s a calculator that’s easy to recommend, as it must be well taken care of.

Key features

Large eight-digit display

Durable plastic keys that last long

Dual power mode

Compact size which makes it easy to transport


Brand Sharp

Model EL-244WB

Weight 1.76 ounces

Casio Inc. HS8VA Standard Function Calculator

Hs 8va Large

Sometimes you don’t want to do heavy things, just a calculator that does the basics for you and makes things simple. This is a standard functional calculator from Casio Inc. HS8VA calculator, which can easily and professionally perform all your basic functions. The large display shows up to eight digits, and the larger than normal source makes reading extremely easy. It performs most of the basic functions you expect from a calculator, with the bonus of being able to handle more complex tasks. In addition, the Casio calculator is ergonomically designed and easy to use, with no problem setting up procedures and ready for immediate use. Portability is also beneficial for you, and storage when not in use is as easy as 1,2,3 and fits in your pocket, making it a convenient device to carry in a professional or academic environment. It is also solar powered and can work most of the day. If the solar power is not enough, it comes with a backup battery to cover the distance. In general, it is a device that does not break down and does its job with minimal effort. If you are looking for a simple device, you can do worse than this useful Casio calculator.

Key features

Large eight-digit display

Ergonomically designed for every user

Compact and portable shape

Dual-source of power


Brand Casio

Model HS8VA

Weight 1.28 ounces

Texas Instruments TI-84 Graphing Calculator

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If you are currently looking for a better calculator for your charting, you can stop torturing yourself with headaches. Texas Interments’ TI-84 graphical calculator is capable of calculating and calculating real and complex numbers with 14-digit accuracy. If you don’t even know what all this means, then this graphic calculator is probably too advanced for your needs! However, for those interested in advanced algebra, this calculator does almost everything that includes up to 10 different graphical functions, as well as parametric expressions, polar expressions and recursively given sequences. The TI-84 can draw, define, display and analyze with the full range of interactive analysis functions at the touch of a button. Roots, maxima, minima, integrals, derivatives. If you need to display, differentiate and understand numbers and charts, this is the tool for you. It converts matrices into lists and vice versa, and creates scatter plots, xy line charts and histograms. It has a screen splitting function and an interactive zoom option as well as over 200 additional features available.

Key features

All-purpose pre-loaded graphing calculator

Real world data collection and analysis functions

Horizontal and vertical split screen options

480K ROM / 24K RAM of available memory

Use for Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, and Calculus


Brand Texas Instruments

Model 84PL/PWB/2L1/A

Weight 7 ounces

Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView Scientific Calculator

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We stayed with Texas Instruments, our next best science calculator, the TI-30XS, ideal for students studying general math, geometry, statistics, algebra, biology and chemistry.  It is a powerful small calculator designed to allow students to enter multiple calculations simultaneously by analyzing and comparing results and studying templates on screen. When running in MathPrint mode, it can calculate standard functions such as stacked fractions, square roots and more. Fractions and decimal fractions can be easily displayed in alternative forms using the Shift key. You can even enter fractions as they appear in text books without any pre-conversion. The TI-30XS is conveniently solar powered and has an internal backup power supply in case you use it in a dimly lit place. There is also a handy snap-on cover that protects your computer when it is not in use. If you need a calculator that allows you to edit, cut and paste input data and is an excellent all-in-one calculator for general mathematical and scientific purposes, then the Texas MultiView calculator is another solid choice from the wide range of tools available. It is easy to see and use, offers excellent value for money and is a pleasant and useful gift for employees.

Key features

Four line display mode shows one and two variable statistics

Solar and backup battery powered

Ability to toggle and scroll to edit, cut, paste and correct entries

Easy to read MathPrint feature

Quick view fractions and decimals in alternate forms


Brand Texas Instruments

Model TI30XSMV

Weight 7.2 ounces

Texas Instruments TI-36X Scientific Calculator

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If you are looking for a professional calculator that can be used in the science and technology industry, then the next best calculator in Texas is a great recommendation. The TI-36X is marketed as your scientific choice and is ideal for those who study algebra, geometry, trigonometry and analysis. With a multi-line display that shows four lines instead of the usual two that most calculators offer, you can see multiple calculations on the screen simultaneously. The MathPrint options also show prints and symbols, symbols and fragments as they will be displayed in the printed textbook. The menu makes it relatively easy to switch between numeric modes and solve polynomial, numerical, and even linear equations. You can convert fractions and decimal numbers into alternative views and execute vectors and matrices. The TI-36X is solar powered and has an internal backup battery. The ideal gift for engineers, math students and higher level computer programmers.

Key features

Advanced four line scientific calculator

Provides useful English/metric conversions

MultiView display shows multiple calculations simultaneously

Performs vectors and matrices

Three solver modes; numeric, polynomial and linear


Brand Texas Instruments

Model 36PRO/TBL/1L1

Weight 4 ounces

Casio Inc HR-100TM Mini Desktop Printing Calculator

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It’s not just about advanced algebra and geometry. Not everyone needs the sophisticated functionality of a scientific or technical computer. In some industries it would be more advantageous to have access to a desktop calculator with a large, bright, easy-to-read LCD display combined with the ability to print results. This is a kind of mini desktop calculator HR-100TM with print function from Casio Inc. It has large, easy-to-use plastic keys that reduce the risk of operator error when entering data. There are also very useful business book functions such as COST/SELL/MARGIN as well as control keys. With the 4 keys memory function it is easier than ever to calculate. This handy device is ideal for both home and office use and is designed to print two lines per second in two colour versions: black and red. It is 33% larger than other similar calculators in its category, making it easy to use and read. It can also work very comfortably with a rechargeable battery or AC adapter, which means you should always be able to use your Casio computer.

Key features

Ability to print two lines per second in black and red print

12-digital large easy to read LCD display

Device included a currency exchange function

Can conveniently be operated via both AC adaptor and battery power

Handy functions include Cost/Sell/Margin/Tax/Markup/Markdown


Brand Casio

Model HR-100TM

Weight 1.55 pounds

How we choose our selection of calculators

In addition to our own comprehensive product testing, we always consider three external factors when preparing a detailed product evaluation. These are brand, price, and consumer assessments.

Brand – in all categories there are both heroic brands that dominate the market and lesser known options that are worth screaming about. We try to offer a representative cut of products from a number of brands, all of which are committed to quality.

Price – We understand that price can often be an obstacle and plays an important role in any final purchase, so we always add up a number of competitive price points to attract all budgets.

Feedback – Feedback from previous buyers is very important as it gives you an overview of what to expect when you take the goods home and use them personally. Together with our own research, feedback and rigorous testing, we look online for good, bad and yes, ugly things to get a more complete picture of how the product is likely to work.

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