Best Sleep Trackers

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Best Sleep Trackers

When he was younger, he probably lived the mantra of that dream for the weak, but after too long a night, preparing for his exams, playing video games and watching too much sunrise, he realized that it was the other way around. Much attention has been paid recently to the importance of sleep for our physical and mental health. That’s why people started to invest in the best sleep trackers to provide them with important information and to reveal how they sleep and what they can do to make a difference. Everyone deserves a good sleep, and there are a few things that are better than waking up completely refreshed. So, whether you are looking for portable or not, we have all the answers below.

Withing/Nokia Sleep Tracker Pad

Sleep Single

Nokia may have been depressed since the glorious 3310 years, but they’ve come back and tried something else. In collaboration with Withing they developed the Sleep Tracking Pad, a sleep analyzer that slides under the mattress, tracks sleep cycles, analyzes your heart rate during sleep and even detects snoring, so you’ll soon know if you snore as badly as people always say. It comes with the Nokia Health Mate app, which assesses your sleep quality and identifies areas for improvement. To make it easier for everyone to use the app, it automatically synchronizes with your sleep, eliminating confusion, misconfigurations and misinterpretations that lead to incorrect advice.

Key features

Delivers sleep cycles, tracks heart rate, detects snoring

Checks sleep disturbances

Enhances sleep environment

Automatic synchronization

Home automation with IFTTT

Compact and comfortable


Brand Withings

Model 3700546703553

Weight 9.6 ounces


Connects with Alexa Skill

In-app sleep coaching programme


Wake up to all the data you need

No alarms

Beautyrest Sleep Tracker Monitor

Beautyrest Sleeptracker Min 759x500

Beautyrest Sleep Monitor is one of the best examples of fixed technology for tracking and collecting data about your dreams. Instead of wrapping it around your wrist, it fits under your mattress and records your shift, roll and random interference to give you all the information you need when you wake up. Unlike some other available models of sleep trackers, it can be customized to record only your movements, not your partner or even pets who decide to join you at night, providing you with personalized sleep data and sleep training to help you get the best possible sleep. To improve your sleep experience, even when you’re camping, read our Camping Cushion Report

Key features

Powered by AI

Works with all mattress types

Highly accurate sensors

Intuitive app

Personalized sleep data

Alexa compatible


Brand Beautyrest

Model BRST-20

Weight 1pound


Quick set up

Continuously learns sleep patterns


Tracks body movement and wakefulness

Temperamental software

SleepScore Max Sleep Tracker Improvement System

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The Sleep Improvement System SleepScore Max is a fresh, nonportable sleep monitoring device that sits on the bedside table and watches and analyzes your sleep, but not in terrible shape. It is said to improve your sleep by an average of 45 minutes and can even set sleep targets for a day or a week, while providing your doctor with data that will help you solve all your sleep problems and give you scientific advice based on what’s really cool. However, there is no automatic sleep screening, which means that a lot of manual input is required to get as detailed feedback as possible. However, this is useful, it looks good, and as long as you remember to enter everything you need, the result is guaranteed. If you want comfort during your trip, you should also read our guide to the best travel cushions.

Key features

Free companion smartphone app

Sleep Score with ResMed technology

Personalized and science-based recommendations

Improves sleep

No subscription

Comprehensive research


Brand SleepScore

Model SleepScore Max


Enhances sleep quality within one week

Compatible with variety of devices


Doesn’t require you to wear anything or place under mattress

No automatic sleep tracking mode

Fitbit Charge 2 Sleep Tracker

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Everyone associates Fitbit Charge 2 mainly with a portable device designed exclusively as a fitness tracker, but in addition to tracking your steps, heart rate and workout, it is also an excellent sleep monitor. The PurePulse function automatically tracks your heart rate, and also detects exactly when you’re waving your head on the ground for accurate sleep indication. It also eliminates the feeling of wanting to hit the phone against the wall every morning, waking you up with a soft, silent, bright alarm clock that wakes you up from your sleep instead of pulling you out of your sleep like a sadistic experience in stressful situations and release issues.

Key features

PurePulse continuous, automatic, heart rate tracking

Automatically tracks sleep

Text, call, and calendar display

Silent, vibrating alarm for comfortable wake up


Brand Fitbit

Model FB407SBKS

Weight 1.12 ounces


Lightweight and compact design

Up to 5-day battery life


Interchangeable bands

Not waterproof

Motiv Ring Fitness SleepTracker

Small Image

We always like it when we can offer a bit of variety on our lists, and this Ring Fitness Sleep and Heart Rate Tracker is what proves it more than anything else in the world. It’s not worn on your wrist or stored under a memory foam mattress, but put around your finger and collect readings from it. This design ensures durability and prevents sticking on protruding objects in the home or office. But you probably want to know how well it works. Its placement follows your movements 24 hours a day, so you almost forget you’re there, while the Motif App displays useful information about your sleeping habits and lets you make changes depending on what you see.

Key features

Tracks your movement 24/7

Waterproof up to 165 feet

Charges in just 90 minutes

Motiv App connectivity to help you see results and data


Brand Motiv Ring

Model MS101

Weight 2.4 ounces


Compatible with wide variety of devices

Super lightweight


Customizable size for peak performance

Easily scratched finish

Emfit QS Sleep Tracker

Safebed Productimage 77395.1460993083.370.370

Our first choice for the best sleep monitor is Emfit QS. Although designed primarily for elite athletes, it still works satisfactorily as a sleep tracker and its quality offers many features that will help teach you how to get the best night’s sleep. The REM sleep tracker, along with deep sleep sensors, works just as efficiently as heart rate and recovery monitors, and the added benefit is that you don’t need to tie anything together. Because it works completely without contact, it offers freedom of movement that cannot be achieved with portable technology, and it fits under the mattress without being noticed and felt, always watching, but never disturbing.

Key features

Recovery, stress, and sleep quality analysis

REM and deep sleep sensors

Helps track training and lifestyle changes

Non-contact tracking


Brand Emfit QS

Model Emfit QS

Weight 1.8 pounds


Fits easily under mattress

No app download required


Records a lot of information

Average person is not the target demographic

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch Sleep Tracker

Download (4)

Another Fitbit, this time Versa Smart Clock, which offers a design different from the classic look, but still very useful as a sleep monitor. Like other Fitbit products and general Smartwatch products, this watch monitors your activity all day long, from the moment you wake up until the next day. It can break your sleep cycle into phases and determine where you are in deep sleep, where you sleep and when it’s best time to wake up. This data is then seamlessly transferred to the app, allowing you to view and change your sleeping habits. See also our list of best inflatable mattresses for more fantastic things like this.

Key features

Tracks activity all day long

Seamless app experience

Records sleep stages

More than 4-day battery life


Brand Fitbit

Model 816137029025

Weight 11.4 ounces


Multitude of other uses

Clear, easy to read screen


On-screen coaching

Some interference with other apps if using in tandem with smartphone

ResMed S+ By Personal Sleep Tracker Solution

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Our choice for the best sleep tracker when it comes to assessing yourself is ResMed S+ Personal Sleep Solution. This small device syncs perfectly with your smartphone or tablet, giving you instant information when you wake up and explaining the reasons for your sleep habits, both good and bad. This information is essential to know how to get the best sleep possible, and features such as environmental and lifestyle analysis will help you get a better idea of what can change for a more comfortable, restful sleep. For some, saddling can be a bit disappointing, but the rewards are worth more. See also our guide to the best sleeping earplugs.

Key features

Syncs with smartphone or tablet

Learn what’s influencing sleep patterns

Delivers personalized feedback on sleep habits, bedroom environment, and lifestyle

Detects key factors affecting sleep


Brand ResMed

Model 22102

Weight 2 pounds


69% of users reported improved sleep significantly within first week

Contactless sensor


Distinguishes between two people so as not to collect conflicting data

Laborious setup

Sleep Tracker Buying Guide

Features you should keep in mind on trackers

There are a lot of great sleeping cars for you. So before you dive in and decide which one you need, you have to consider these features.

Battery life – We live in a world where we seem to be constantly recharging, and having low battery warnings on each of our devices is boring. A sleeping locator with a long battery life means you won’t lose important sleep data and can make changes at any time.

Adaptivity – We’re not all the same size, so portable sleep trackers can be placed on your wrist or finger. This is important for a number of reasons. First of all it’s about comfort, but perhaps most importantly something too big or too small can lead to inaccurate readings and give you information that is frankly useless.

Advanced Tracking – For some, tracking your overall sleep is good enough, but it’s also useful to include advanced tracking features in your watch, ring or pillow. This can include various sleep stages, heart monitoring during sleep, excitement and even snoring. Although this selection is not essential, and although it may incur additional costs, it should be used for best results.

Extra Features – If you are looking for more than just sleep screening, the products that come with many extra features are a great way to maximize your tracker and get your money (because the best sleep trackers are not cheap, yo). These features can include heart rate monitoring, pedometers (if portable) and connectivity applications that make them much more than just something to help you improve your sleep.

Types of sleep trackers

There are two types of sleep tracker that you can buy, namely a laptop and a non portable sleep tracker.

Portable Sleep Tracker

The most associated element is a sleep-tracking bracelet like Fitbit or similar. It is permanently attached to your wrist and collects information during the day. They’re good if you want to collect more than just sleep data, like exercise data, pedometer data or heart rate data, and they also have additional features like music streaming, calendar and other applications.

Not portable trackers for sleep

Non-portable sleep trackers are usually placed under the mattress and analyze your sleep patterns and habits. There are different degrees of Non-Portable Sleep Trackers, from basic to advanced. Some tracks sleep automatically, while others require manual adjustments. Since they are sleep-only, they can be considered the best sleep trackers since they don’t need to do anything else.

Sleep Tracker App vs. Sleep Tracker Device


The app means that you don’t have to buy a real device. But the best applications will still cost you money. Since you have them on your smartphone or tablet, you risk getting them out of your bed at night, which will prevent you from getting the right readings. Some have a built-in alarm clock that will wake you up when you go into a light sleep phase.


Despite the extra costs, sleep-tracking devices are probably a much better investment because they are specifically designed with sleep-tracking hardware and have all the necessary warranties. They are also less cumbersome and are usually activated automatically instead of having to be manually turned on or off. In addition, the best sleep-tracking bracelet comes with a built-in or optional application.

Advantages of using a sleeping tracker

There are many advantages to using a sleep-tracking device. Among other things:

Identification of sleep problems and assistance in solving them. We live in a time when it’s difficult to close down, whether it’s a media craving or a modern culture that is busy. This can have a negative impact on your sleep and make you wake up every day as if you hadn’t slept a second.

Easier to wake up with smart, quiet and bright alarms that gently guide you from sleep to day It has proven to be much more beneficial than a traditional alarm clock and allows you to wake up at your own pace rather than being forced to be awake and miss the precious period between sleep and waking.

It teaches you and others how to sleep better. Data collected from different beds will help doctors better understand how the general population can sleep better and, in turn, be more productive at work or at leisure.

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