Best Telescopes for Kids

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6 Best Telescopes for Kids

The Original Telescope is one of the educational tools that have gained popularity among astrophiles, children and science students from around the world. Although some people just call them “toys”, some of the best telescopes for children are compact devices that can be bought and small enough to travel with. These telescopes are ideal for learning more about astronomy and all its components; although tiny, they are extremely useful for your child’s overall development. If you are interested in exploring nature and space or are looking for something more than just a toy, you should definitely take a look at our list of the best telescopes for children.

CSSEA 70mm Telescope for Kids


There are many ways to get your child to learn through play, and this first telescope on our list offers you and your child the opportunity. The CSSEA Children’s Telescope is a 70mm innovative creation designed to meet the astronomical needs of children, adults and anyone who loves everything about NASA and outer space. It is also often used by professional scientists and travelers to make discoveries about the night sky and everything it includes. With the CSSEA telescope, all objects in space can be deciphered and identified with extreme ease. Once purchased, it takes only ten minutes to be assembled and the rest is history. The CSSEA telescope is equipped with several features that distinguish it from many competitors. The first feature of this baby telescope is its focal length and aperture. The CSSEA has an aperture of 70 mm with a focal length of up to 360 mm. All images are sharp, with greater clarity and brightness, thanks to a fully coated optical glass. The highly transparent coatings on the glass are responsible for creating crisp images when you look beyond CSSEA.

Key features

Fully coated optical glass

360mm focal length

Two 1.25″ eyepieces

Quick set up



Weight 4.25 pounds

MaxUSee Telescope For Kids

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The MaxUSee children’s telescope is another “tool-less” telescope designed for use by children. It’s one of the largest models ever built, and comes with several exciting features that make it the only telescope your kids will ever want. This telescope for boys is an educational tool that is not only easy to use, but also extremely portable. It can be taken or transported from the classroom to the roof of a school or from a child’s bedroom to the yard. MaxUSee is the ideal device for beginner astronomers and all children. With more positive characteristics than negative user feedback, this telescope for children is unique in many ways. The MaxUSee telescope looks just like your ordinary telescope, and this idea may not be far from the truth. With its diverse and exciting features, the creators of this astronomical tool wanted to offer children and new scientists as much quality as possible so they can appreciate everything they define in the night sky. The MaxUSee features include a tubular compass, a 5X18 rifle display and a focal length of 400 mm. It comes with a set of two eyes equipped with a moon mirror. These eyepieces provide a clear view, giving accurate and sharp images through a telescopic lens.

Key features

Portable telescope

Tripod & finder scope

Stars & Moon map included



Brand MaxUSee

Weight 2.2 pounds

Telescope for Kids, Merkmak Educational Toy

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Merkmark is a company that prides itself on being very good at educating children. They have a long history in the business of educational toys and therefore know the different trends and technologies that can be used to attract the attention of any child. From the very beginning Merkmark strived to become one of the most famous manufacturers of educational toys in the world, and now it has become a reality, and its brand is a famous name. When you think about educational toys for children, this brand quickly comes to mind. So it’s no wonder that the Merkmark telescope for children is highly recommended by many teachers and parents alike. Even children recommend this telescope! Telescope for girls Merkmark is made of plastic and is designed for easy use by any beginner in astronomy and children of all ages. This telescope provides magnificent images of high quality and magnification power, made possible by its refractive 360×50 telescope. It is an astronomical compact telescope that also has a 50mm lens, tripod and three eyepieces with different magnifications for your viewing pleasure. Installing the telescope is easy and saves you time. After purchase, it only takes three minutes to put it into practice. The 50 mm diameter telescope lens is completely multi-lens, allowing you to observe in low light conditions, which is not the case with telescopes of other brands on the market. Set its resolution 18 times, 60 times 27 times or 90 times to always get the perfect image resolution.

Key features

360/50mm spotting scope

Science plastic tools

Easy to use

50mm objective lens diameter


Brand Merkmak

Weight 2.56 pounds

TwinStar AstroVenture Refractor Telescope For Kids

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Simply point your TwinStar AstroVenture telescope at stars and shoot at stars. This is an excellent entry level telescope designed as a fun and educational toy for children. There is no better telescope for children than this one anywhere else in the world! This refractory telescope is extremely easy to assemble and use. It comes with an online installation guide with colour photos, which allows users to assemble and disassemble their devices in just five minutes. Physical packaging also comes with a paper installation guide, and all instructions are designed to be as human-readable as possible. With the AstroVenture telescope you can take a quick trip to space to visit the rings of Saturn or enjoy a piece of cheese from the moon! You can visit the Orion Nebula and all its binary star systems and even have fun with the star clusters of the hive. The AstroVenture telescope has so many child-friendly features, plus interesting online installation lessons. Some of these features include a 60mm acromatic lens, 2x Barlow lens, three 6mm, 20mm and 0.965mm eyepieces, 300mm focal length, hi-zimuth stand for extra stability and ease of outdoor use, and a lightweight full-size aluminum tripod. The design of the tripod makes it ideal for all astrologers, regardless of their height. We highly recommend this telescope for children, as it is very easy to install. Once out of the box, simply screw the telescope onto the tripod, attach the telescope with the visor and insert the eyepiece to get sharp, sharp images. Its use requires only two basic steps: pointing and shooting.

Key features

300mm Focal Length

15x and 50x Magnification Eye Pieces Included

Easy, Light Weight

Includes Aluminum Tripod


Brand Twin Star

Weight 4.54 pounds

Black Twinstar 60mm Compact Kids Telescope


The Black Twinstar telescope is a fun entry level telescope for children who want to fully reveal what’s in the sky. Its technology is designed so that your children can have fun learning exciting new things about space and nature. Its simple design and installation make the Twinstar 60mm one of the best telescopes for children on the market. In total, four simple parts need to be assembled. Once each locked part is assembled, all you need to do is assemble the device on the supplied tripod base and you are ready to explore! Nowadays there are different types of child telescopic sights available on the market in different sizes, heights and at different prices. Black Twinstar telescope for children is considered by many users as one of the most affordable devices. For no more than $100 any parent or teacher can be a source of joy for a child. One of the most important benefits you will get when you buy this telescope is the ability to have a good time with your children. An activity such as astronomy can become a family hobby and give each member of the family time to learn something new. It also keeps everyone away from the rapid technological advances in the world, even if it only lasts an hour.

Key features

Easy to use

60mm refraction

15x and 50x magnification

.965″ diameter eyepieces


Brand Twin Star

Weight 4.1 pounds

ExploreOne Kids Educational Telescope

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The Explore One Children’s Telescope is the latest educational toy we will talk about in today’s article. This children’s telescope is designed to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, revealing all the celestial mysteries, such as the intricate contours of the moon. It is the ideal portable telescope for all young astronomers at work and for beginners in glasses. Since its creation, the goal of Explore One has been to change the educational system by including a game in the curriculum. This is manifested in many innovative products that focus on the pleasure of learning. They believe that this form of education is essential to the overall development of every child, regardless of their age. And the Explore One Aries telescope is one of many products made by this brand. After you buy it, you will need to install a telescope. But do not be afraid, because the whole installation process does not take you much time to view the stars. The installation is so simple that you can give your children a chance to try it. It will not only entertain them, but also increase their love of knowing space and all its details. Just as the Explore One Aries telescope is easy to use, it’s also easy to carry. The telescope can be carried with the included carrying case. The carrying case for this telescope is a hard box, which is also a great place to store your telescope when not in use. The Explore One Aries baby rifle is one of the best shows on the market, not only for its versatility, but also for its portability. Whether it is morning or night, this telescope still provides clear, clear images of nature or stars without any problems.

Key features

50mm Aperture

360mm AZ Mount

Travel Scope with Tripod



Brand ExploreOne

Weight 4.19 pounds

Telescope For Kids Buying Guide

How we choose the best telescopes for children.

For those who are not familiar with telescopes, it can be difficult to make the right choice, but with a little knowledge of the various features and things to pay attention to, the selection process will be more convenient. All the telescope references mentioned in this article have been selected after research and studies in areas such as cost, ease of use, quality and versatility.

Ease of use – Knowing that these telescopes are mainly used by children, we were sure that we chose toys that are not too technical, as this feature can be a big distraction for you and your child. All the telescopes we have used are suitable for children because they have a design and operating system that they will use safely.

Cost – Choosing a telescope for children, especially your first telescope, should be affordable. Our research team has given higher priority to products that do not overload your wallet as much as your child’s mind. The cost has also been taken into account when selecting these products because as the seasons change, your toddlers’ interest in stargazing may also increase.

Quality – The telescope is made by assembling several parts, each of which is necessary to obtain images that your baby will appreciate. Our team has taken into account the quality of the elements found in the telescope, from the size of the hole and eyepieces to the type of telescope in the tracking process.

Transfer – As long as your baby can carry his or her telescope from his or her room to the balcony alone, he or she will enjoy playing with the telescope every day. This natural movement thanks to the telescope’s compact design makes our list of recommendations even easier. As a result, any product we recommend can be transported quickly by you or your child.

Versatility – Our team firmly believes in profitable products. One important way a product or device can be considered profitable is when it is capable of performing multiple tasks. The versatility of a single tool or toy saves you from buying different tools or toys for different activities. The products we choose can be used not only for bird watching, but also for other activities such as bird watching.

Watching functions on entry-level telescopes for children

Before making a decision about a particular brand or model, it is very important that you leave aside all your “adult” expectations to help you make an objective but fully informed decision for your baby. Some of the key factors that you should consider before spending money on an application include the opening, the expansion, the provided accessories and the type of assemblies.

Openness – The most important feature of any telescope is its openness. The amount of light captured by a telescope is primarily determined by the size of the telescope’s opening. The larger the aperture, the brighter and clearer the images that are captured. Telescopes with large holes are usually bulky in design, so balance is important when choosing a telescope for children.

Magnification – The eyepiece of each telescope is responsible for ensuring magnification. However, the magnification depends largely on the opening of your telescope. Therefore, a high magnification is necessary and a telescope with a low opening will not help you, even if your existing eyepiece has a high magnification. Most high quality telescopes come with multiple eyepieces, which allows you to observe with both low and high magnification.

Accessories – Not many accessories are needed to fully enjoy the starry sky. This new hobby does not require much to have excellent basic equipment, with some of the accessories such as eyepieces and Barlow lenses included. These items are essential so that your child can enjoy a beautiful view of deep celestial objects such as nebulae. Other accessories include a color filter kit, start charts and a basic maintenance kit. These accessories should be included when you buy your favorite telescope.

Mountains – Equatorial and alto azimuthal – basic types of telescopic slides. The main purpose of any assembly is to give stability to your telescope, not to facilitate its movement. The basic design of the alto-azimuthal mount makes installation extremely easy, regardless of age. They are inexpensive, easy to use, robust and reliable, making them ideal for the young owner of a telescope.

The telescope mount often has a motorized system that can be programmed to track and locate any celestial object. Its technology is more expensive and its construction is more complex than old Azimuth hills.

Types – There are three main types of telescopes: Refractory, Reflector and Connecting. They must be considered before any purchase, as they all have different functions.

Types of telescopes

Refractor – A refractor telescope is a long and thin telescope. It is a great option for children who always forget to seal their glasses, and for those who like to do more than just look at stars and planets.

Reflector – Reflectors are only used for observing stars. They are the most economical version of all three types of telescopes and tend to take up less space wherever they are located. The disadvantage of this telescope is its need for regular maintenance.

Connecting – As its name suggests, a composite telescope has two different mirrors and is ideal for astrophotography. They have more power than other types of telescopes, their only disadvantage is that they produce darker images.

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