Best Underwater Metal Detectors

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Best Underwater Metal Detectors

Searching for treasures under water proved to be more difficult than searching in solid ground. A few decades ago, there were no metal detectors that could work under water, making the entire search process time consuming. Recently, advanced technology has found many innovative solutions to this problem by developing underwater metal detectors. These devices give us a much better opportunity to discover all the treasures we want underwater. And the list below offers the best underwater metal detectors along with some of the most important features to consider.

Kuman Pin Pointer Underwater Metal Detectors


There are many treasures that can be found under the ocean, and there is no better way to find them than with a Kuman Pin Pointer metal detector. It is a modern detector, considered one of the best underwater metal detectors available on the market today. The Kuman Pin Pointer is a waterproof metal detector device that has both vibration and audio ratio indicators. It is designed to detect all types of metals and has a 360° side scan and tip direction to safely locate all types of treasures. This device is designed to provide an advanced detection system capable of detecting all types of objects regardless of their size or material composition. It has a high-sensitivity system designed by manufacturers to facilitate the location of small objects. With the Kuman Pinpoint Detector, you can hunt for treasure indoors, outdoors, on the ground, in the sand or in the grass and find objects ranging from jewelry to coins in seconds. As for the good and ugly sides of this device, users appreciate the accuracy and speed that the Kuman metal detector provides. The detector has three different levels of sensitivity, each of which is represented by a unique LED indicator light, vibration and audible alarm for user adjustment. These features give users more control over how quickly they find new treasures and what wealth they want to find. For proper storage, metal detectors must be as compact and light as possible. Kuman has made sure that this model is just the way it is, making it more user-friendly. The Kuman metal detector comes with a waterproof bag and stand that allows you to take it anywhere you want.

Key features

360° side-scan

Pinpoint tip detection

High Sensitivity

One- One-touch operation


Brand Kuman

Model DT-44021

Weight 3.2 ounces

URCERI GC-1028 Underwater Metal Detector

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Our next best choice and customer favorite metal detector worldwide is URCERI. You may want to ignore it, but the truth is that we all love treasure hunting. This innate feeling gives us immeasurable pleasure, especially after we can discover certain objects that we never thought existed. Treasure hunting not only means discovering new things, but also finding some of the coins you lost the day before or finally finding your missing gold earrings behind the dresser. No matter what treasure you are looking for, the URCERI metal detector promises to help you find it. As for the overall design of this metal detector, it has many features required for a traditional metal detector. It is manufactured with a robust design using waterproof materials to ensure its durability. This makes the Urceri detector suitable for both shallow water and extreme ground conditions. This metal detector also has an electronic location function that can indicate the exact position and depth of detection, with an adjustable level of sensitivity to optimize search at any time. For efficient location, Urceri is equipped with a disc/cut-off control system that easily distinguishes between up to seven different metals ranging from relics, coins, gold, silver and jewelry. It also has an LED display that shows the operating mode, depth, battery level, discrimination and sensitivity of your search.

Key features

High Accuracy


2 Modes

LCD Display



Weight 6.7 pounds

Quest 1V_1701.101 Scuba Tector Underwater Metal Detector


Are you ready for an adventure? Journey into a world of rich treasures? Manoeuvre across uncharted waters to lift something no one has ever dreamed of. The best and only way to achieve that is the Quest Scuba Tector. We fell in love with this waterproof metal detector for several reasons, some of which we’ll explain in the next sections. The Quest Scuba Tector is as unique as its name. It speaks the language of detection and allows users to easily identify a wide range of metals within certain radii. It is incredibly affordable and delivers on its promise of durability. Made of durable materials, the Quest Scuba Tector has a ribbed, ergonomic body. The Li-Poly battery, built into the shell as an operating system, is an innovative creation that has been brought to market today for fast and accurate treasure hunting. This device is controlled by two easy-to-use buttons. Thanks to the ease of handling, you can easily take this product with you wherever you go without any extra weight or inconvenience. As the name suggests, you can also use this equipment for diving while diving, making your experience even more enjoyable. The Quest Scuba Tector is designed to be waterproof to a depth of 60 meters, which means you can dive to a very great depth in any water.

Key features

For 60M/200F under salt water operation

Ribbed and ergonomic body

Easy to use

Target locking function


Brand Quest

Model 1V_1701.101

Weight 1.43 pounds

RM Ricomax Metal Detector

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How would you like to halve your beach time with an extremely precise metal detector that works effortlessly underwater? It’s time to stop wanting and join the MRI. The Ricomax MRI is a high-precision underwater metal detector that has been designed and thoroughly tested to offer you nothing less than quality and precision. Its unique design and features embarrass competitors every time it is used, leading customers to switch from other brands to the Ricomax MRI. If you have ever doubted the capabilities of a submarine metal detector, this device is here to help you reconsider. The Ricomax detector uses a 10 inch coil to provide increased accuracy when underwater treasure hunting. These coils can effectively detect different types of metal with little or no effort in a short period of time. The coil is made of waterproof material together with a Ricomax shaft for increased durability after regular underwater use. It can also be used in streams, beaches and other open water bodies. Ricomax is a lightweight device capable of detecting metals such as aluminum, bronze, iron, gold and silver. Your jeweler at the bottom of your pool will be easily detected with this device due to its low target range, which works up to 1.7 inches deep.

Key features

High-Accuracy Metal Finder

LCD Display,

Discrimination Mode

Distinctive Audio Prompt



Model GC-1028

Weight 2.31 pounds

Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Metal Detector

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Your search for the best metal detector is over! We found the right device for your next treasure hunt. Say hello to Garrett Pro-Pointer, a waterproof metal detector made by adventurers for adventure hunters. Garret has proven to be the only metal detector that fills all the design boxes for the perfect underwater metal detector. It is a physical manifestation and solution to all the problems faced by swimmers around the world. All Garret users certify its functionality and highly recommend it to others. The characteristics of the Garrett Waterproof Metal Detector are numerous, but necessary for its optimal performance. It’s a waterproof device for depths up to 3 meters, with an impressive color distance that increases its visibility underwater. Its ease of use makes it suitable for all types of hunters, from beginners to experienced professionals. Despite its small size, this device can quickly turn an ordinary day on the beach into a fun and exciting treasure hunt, with many exciting prizes to be unearthed. The Garret device has a high-resolution iron discrimination feature and a pro-mode audio function to help you determine the type of metal detected.

Key features

Fully waterproof

Visibility underwater

Maximum Sensitivity

Fast Retune


Brand Garrett

Model 1140900

Weight 9 ounces

Fisher 1280X-8 Underwater All-Purpose Metal Detector

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The Fischer Underwater Metal Detector is a general-purpose device that brings us to the end of our recommendation list. Its position on our list does not in any way reflect the degree of its functionality. Fisher 1280X-8 is an incredible creature designed for use in lakes and shallow waters for activities such as diving, surfing and beach hunting. It features a detachable set of poles and is designed to be the strongest box available on the market today. The 1280X is a fantastic underwater metal detector from Fisher that promises you the best results time after time. When it comes to the features of this great device, many unique things come to mind. The main function that supports the overall performance of this device is the underwater function. Fisher works well in both salt water and fresh water. It submerges in water to a depth of 250 feet and is considered by many users to be the best fresh water detector on the market. It is very easy to use and does not require any form of ground levelling, fine tuning or threshold adjustment. It has an easily adjustable sensitivity with a connection and operation mode that varies according to the conditions in which it operates.

Key features

Turn on & go operation

Adjustable sensitivity control

Up to 75+ hours of battery life

Operating Frequency: 2.4 kHz


Brand Fisher

Model 1280X-8

Weight 6.6 pounds

Buying Guide

In your search for the best underwater metal detector there are several factors to consider so that your choice provides all the necessary features to improve your treasure hunt. A fully functional metal detector makes it easy to find your treasure. Due to the fact that several models and brands have been recently sold, the selection process should take care to ensure that each model you choose to buy is one of the best in terms of functionality, durability and strength. We have created this guide for the buyer to make your choice even easier.

How we make our choice of the best underwater metal detectors

Various aspects, such as product price, manufacturer’s customer service ratings and much more were taken into account when compiling the above list. We will also discuss some key factors that we think should be taken into account before making a decision.

Selection – The first factor to consider when searching for the best underwater metal detector is selection. Lead the buying process as a treasure hunt. Several models of metal detectors offer different options, so it is not recommended to stop your search after you have decided on a model. Take a look at other models and notice the differences in areas such as price, design and durability. It is best to go to the shops to gain physical access to some of these models, as using the Internet, especially with regard to the size of the detector, can be misleading.

Price – From having different ranges we come to another important factor, the cost of an underwater metal detector. The best place to buy a metal detector is in a metal detector store, where it will certainly be extremely affordable. It is pleasant to realize that the cost of the metal detector is not directly proportional to the level of its quality. In the same sense, potential users should not sacrifice quality in favor of price availability. Make sure that the sensor you choose works the way it should and is affordable.

Customer Service – The online metal detector store is as good as the customer service. If you like to shop online, choose an online metal detector store that has an extensive FAQ section where you can get tons of information. Your customer service also needs to be responsive to your needs and problems, and your website should be easy to navigate and use. The opening and closing times of the online store in question should be highlighted in bold on your website to keep customers informed and to reduce the speed of unwanted communication.

Delivery – When buying online, delivery plays an important role in the price of your product. You will need to compare the shipping costs of different brands to find the model that best meets your needs. The shipping costs charged for the products vary greatly depending on where you purchased them. It is important to know if the shipping costs are already included in the product price or if they differ and remain with you.

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