DIY Grinch Decorations and Christmas Ornaments

Whoville Christmas Decorations Diy

Fun and Easy DIY Grinch Decorations, Crafts and Ornaments •

Take a look at these super cute (and EASY) handmade Grinch Christmas ornaments, decorations and craft projects for kids to make. My kids love ANYTHING “Grinch” at Christmas – so all our Christmas craft projects are Grinch crafts, Grinch decorations – and yes, Grinch Christmas ornaments, too!
Whoville Christmas Decorations Diy

Grinch Christmas Trees!

Before we look at all the DIY Grinch decorations you can make, take a look at these adorable Grinch Christmas tree decorating ideas!

Grinch Christmas Tree decorating ideas and more fun and easy DIY Grinch decorations including Whoville Christmas Decorations DIY–How the Grinch Stole Christmas Decorations and much more!

People are SO creative, right?

Ok, let’s see the crafts and decorations you can make!

DIY Grinch Christmas Crafts and Decorations

Let me show you a slideshow of some super cute handmade Grinch Christmas ornaments, craft ideas for the kids and Grinch holiday decorating ideas. I am in LOVE the the easy deco mesh Grinch wreath – super cute and really easy to make too!

Everything Grinch Christmas Stuff

I’ve also found Grinch ornaments, Grinch toys, Grinch pajamas, and so much more for a very Merry Grinch-mas!

Merry Grinch-Mas All Through the House

DIY grinch decorations and yard art. How to make DIY Grinch Decorations and grinch ornaments for front doors and house outdoors - Grinch decorations for the holidays

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