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DIY Handprint Christmas Ornaments – Easy Christmas Keepsake Crafts For Kids To Make

Christmas Keepsake Crafts Handprint Ornaments

Cute Fingerprint Snowman Ornaments For Toddlers and Preschoolers To Make For Gifts or as a Keepsake Decoration For Your Christmas Tree •

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Want to make handprint christmas ornaments  with your kids? They’re so cute – especially the fingerprint snowman ornaments  – and make GREAT gifts for the Grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc… such a keepsake gift – they’ll treasure it forever! Take a look below at all the DIY handprint ornament ideas you and YOUR kids can make this holiday.

Handprint Christmas Ornament Ideas

Below we have some adorable handprint Christmas ball ornaments made by real Pinterest users, the step-by-step directions to make them and some helpful tips and tricks from our readers.

These are one of our favorite DIY Christmas ornaments to make – and apparently, our readers love making them, too.

Christmas Keepsake Crafts and Handprint Ornaments! DIY handprint Christmas Ornaments - handprint snowman ornaments to make a fingerprint snowman ornamment. Christmas keepsakes for toddlers to make at home or school. Fun & easy fingerprint Christmas ornaments - such cute handprint Christmas crafts and decorations to give as gifts or to decorate the Xmas tree - Christmas keepsake art for preschoolers, toddlers & kids of all ages. Handprint Christmas gifts for kids to make.

Take a look below at how THEIR handprint Christmas ornaments turned out (some are GORGEOUS!)

Be sure to read the tips and tricks from our readers below – especially if you’re having a hard time getting the perfect paint handprint on your ornament!

Snowman Fingerprint Ornaments Ideas

How To Make Them:

Yesterday we shared all the popsicle stick Christmas ornaments our readers made and how to make them… today, it’s hand print snowman Christmas ornaments for your tree or to give as a lovely homemade gift.

Tips From Our Readers:

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you makes sure YOUR hand print snowmen ornaments turn out great.

Lisa Says:

“My twins made these handprint finger paint snowman ornaments in their preschool class – love, LOVE them! We’re going to make family fingerprint ornaments every year now – one for each kid for our tree and then another for the grandparents.”

Rachael Says:

“I make these every year with my class. Make sure kids spread their fingers apart. Also make sure you push down on the fingers with their dry hand.”

Natasha Says:

“Hahaha do not attempt with a 7 month old.. mayb next year! I should have done this with my 2 yr old n the Rudolph finger prints with the 7 month old oh well.”

Seina Says:

“Tip for making these handprint ornaments with a baby – do it when your baby is alseep. If you’re super prepared with your paint and your ornament (and a towel to quickly clean off their hand), you can get a perfect handprint on the ornament really easy.”

Jessica Says:

“I made these for grandparents for Christmas when my daughter was a baby. They turned out just like the picture! Super easy and affordable,but very sentimental!”

Toronbola Says:

“I did this in kindergarten! It still goes on my christmas tree every year!”

Kathryn Says:

“Made these for grandparents’ gifts. Very cute and pretty easy to do. Used 1 1/2″ ornaments for tiny (18 mos) hands. I used clear balls and put fake snow inside.”

Teeny Says:

“It’s easy for the little ones and my 6 year old loved it cause she got to make it all by herself with no help lol”

Olivia Says:

“I had a heck of a time getting my toddler to participate and gets his paint handprint on the ornament. Finally just turned the iPad on a kid show and he was still enough for me to get his hand print on the ornament barely knowing I did it!”

Annia Says:

“The glossy ball ornaments were too slippery for our one year olds to get good grip but these glittery ones worked perfect.”

Faith Says:

“Made this at a Christmas party and it turned out really cute! I made one with my family members as the snowmen and used a sharpie to write their names by each fingerprint snowman”

Susan Says:

“Our kids made these handprint snowmen ornaments in Sunday School last week – they turned out SO cute! And the kids were pretty paint-free when they came out…haha!”

A big thanks to those that already shared!

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