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Farmhouse Style Tea and Coffee Station Ideas For YOUR Kitchen –

Gorgeous farmhouse style coffee bar ideas for a tea and coffee station set up in country farm style. See LOTS of PICTURES and ideas for a farmhouse coffee bar at home. Stunning old farmhouse kitchen decor for decorating on a budget. See how to set up a coffee bar in your kitchen with these modern farmhouse coffee station accessories, cabinets, tables and more farmhouse coffee bar and coffee nook decor ideas.

I am obsessed with coffee bar ideas (there, I admitted it! ha!) I am SO into having a countertop coffee station or corner coffee bar in my kitchen since I got my new awesome coffee maker – so I’ve been on the hunt for the PERFECT ideas for a farmhouse coffee bar  at home – and I’ve found them! Let me show you the GORGEOUS coffee bar pictures, accessories and ideas I’ve found…

Farmhouse Coffee Bar Ideas

As I said, I’ve been looking at a LOT of ideas to plan and design my own coffee bar in my kitchen.

I LOVE that rustic old country farmhouse decor style – even though I’m more of a modern farmhouse style kinda gal – so naturally, when I went looking for coffee bar set up ideas for MY kitchen, I was immediately drawn to farmhouse-style set ups.

These farmhouse coffee bar pictures were really inspirational and gave me a LOT of great ideas:

Let me show you pictures of DIY farm country kitchen coffee station ideas I just LOVE as well as home coffee bar cabinets and shelves and accessories, etc that all bring together the PERFECT coffee “nook”.

Get your Pinterest “pinning finger” ready – you’re gonna wanna save a LOT of these ideas to your coffee bar ideas Pinterest board!

I’ll show you my picks for the perfect accessories to create a farmhouse style coffee bar below =)

coffee station ideas for a farmhouse kitchen

Farm Style Coffee Station Ideas

Oh my,this gal has SO many great coffee station ideas – I especially love her rustic coffee bar ideas (the rustic country farmhouse look is more MY thing!)

Coffee Bar Ideas - simple kitchen coffee bar ideas including small countertop coffee bar ideas and corner coffee bar ideas. Gorgeous farmhouse coffee bars and rustic coffee bar coffee station ideas too. Easy DIY coffee bar ideas for all size kitchens - even kitchens in apartments

It comes with the 4 baskets and the “S” hooks to hang your coffee mugs from.

Personally, I like this coffee bar wall shelf better– it’s more my style =)

But let me just show you lots of ideas for using this coffee station wall shelf and mug rack for YOUR home coffee station, kitchen coffee bar or small coffee nook.

Now, you might notice the “bad” ratings – that is only because buyers think it’s too expensive (but it’s a GREAT coffee station wall shelf with basket and hooks!)

Those coffee canisters look amazing on shelves like these in a coffee bar area:

LOVE this home coffee bar area! The Rae Dunn canisters, industrial pipe wall shelves, the mugs - all of it!

LOVE this home coffee bar area!

Here’s another idea that looks like a simple do it yourself coffee station idea – LOVE the cabinet!

coffee bar ideas - simple DIY idea for a home coffee station

Accessories For a Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Below are my favorite farmhouse coffee bar accessories for setting up the PERFECT farm style coffee bar in your home.

To me, the farmhouse style coffee bar cabinet, mugs, wall shelf, mug rack, coffee pod holder, mug rack, etc all create the most beautiful coffee bar set up when put all together!

Coffee Bar Organizer Ideas

Don’t forget, you’ll need accessories to organize all your stuff =)

If you’re wondering how to organize your home coffee station, here’s some ideas:

Small Tea and Coffee Station Ideas

This is great idea for small coffee station in your home. Looks great, doesn’t it?

Coffee Bar Ideas - Small DIY coffee station idea for a home coffee bar

Corner Farmhouse Coffee Nook Ideas

When you have limited space to put your own home coffee station, you have to get super creative.

Here are some good ideas for a corner coffee station in your kitchen.

Coffee Bar ideas - DIY corner coffee station idea for your kitchen - lots more DIY coffee station ideas on this page.

Farmhouse Kitchen Countertop Coffee Bar Ideas

If you have VERY limited space in your kitchen, why not set up your coffee station on the counter?

These are some super cute farmhouse coffee bar ideas for your kitchen counter:

Here’s another idea for a small coffee nook area on your countertop:

Countertop coffee bar ideas - Kitchen coffee station ideas - DIY coffee bar on your countertop

Coffee Bar Set Up DIY Tips

When you’re planning a home coffee bar, the most important thing is what are you going to set up your coffee station ON?

Here’s a few ideas I really like:

Coffee Bar Chalkboard Decor Ideas

Of course, no home coffee bar is complete without a chalkboard – that’s my favorite part!


What do you think?

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