Genie: That’s why you should bury used tea bags in your garden!

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You will stop throwing used tea bags after reading this!

used tea bags

Some people have a real green thumb and like to spend the night working in the garden. Are you one of those people? So, this advice is great for you. We usually throw away bacillary tea bags right after making tea. However, this is total waste, because a used tea bag can greatly change your garden. Here are a few reasons why!


It can be a little difficult to grow several different seedlings in your garden. The reason for this is that most seedlings never germinate, despite all the love and hard work you put into them. Fortunately, we found the perfect solution for that. It is a very easy way to turn your garden into a real plant paradise. All you have to do is bury a used tea bag on the floor.


By placing a tea bag on the garden soil, it provides additional nutrition. Tea leaves contain tannins and nutrients and are a natural fertilizer for the soil. The tea bag itself is usually made from the fibers of the pineapple plant (this is a type of banana tree). Tea dissolves very easily in the soil and creates a good and healthy environment for the growth of flowers and plants.


Another thing tea bags do is repel worms. Used tea bags as well as coffee beans help keep worms away from your beloved plants and flowers. The smell of tea or coffee is unpleasant for creatures that want to eat your plants. This will keep them away and your plants will be safe!

Want to know what more tea bags can do for your garden? Keep reading and watching the video on the following pages!

Compost pile

used tea bags

Another smart thing is to add a bag of used teas to a pile of compost. Tea contains a ton of acids that accelerate the process of decomposition of compounds. This means that you will be able to use the compound much faster than you would otherwise use it. Your garden will be very happy with it, just like you!


You can also bury used tea bags in the ground, near the roots of your plants and flowers. This will help your flowers and plants retain more water than they would otherwise mean, which means they will be much healthier and happier!


No one likes weeds growing in your garden. Fortunately, our good friend, a used tea bag, is also the perfect solution for that. Tea bags will really prevent weeds. Use a tea bag on the floor and you will make it very difficult for weeds to grow with your happy and healthy plants and flowers.


used tea bags

A used tea bag can facilitate the process of growing small seedlings in your garden. We have a perfect trick and all you need to do is use tea bags, seeds, a plastic pot and water. Plant the seedlings in a pot as you would normally like, but also add tea bags to the ground. You will speed up the process en masse! When the seedlings germinate, you can easily transfer them to a larger pot or simply place them directly in your garden.

Neighboring cats

We love cats, but we love them less when they walk our garden. However, there is an easy and friendly way to drive them away! Tea bags or coffee beans will help you because cats hate the smell of these things. Sprinkle some ground coffee or used tea on your garden soil to keep cats from drying out in it. Tip: You can also do this with houseplants in your home to keep your cats away from them. Just add a little ground coffee or tea used in the pot.


Attracting worms to your garden may seem like something you want to avoid, but it’s not. These slippery guys are really good for your garden! Worms eat tea leaves and when they digest them and, well, add them to the soil, they will be even more useful. It will contain more nutrients, making your garden super fertile.

Source: Natural forms O | Image: static video, Pikabai

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