Grace Slick tried to dose Nikon with 600 mg of LSD, but hung a grass flag.


Grace Slick from the Jefferson plane went to the White House in 1970 with a plan: to give President Richard Nikon a dose of LSD. Slick was a powerful woman on the San Francisco music scene and Woodstock-era counterculture; she was a hero to young people, and Nikon was not. His Vietnamese policy, strong drug policy and generally unpleasant during the 1950s, made Nikon anathema to the hippies who have been furious in recent years. When Slick received an invitation to the White House, he saw an opportunity to strike for peace, love and drugs.

Richard Nikon did not invite Grace Slick to the White House

Tricia Nikon 1972. Souece: Wikimedia Commons.

Richard Nikon did not invite Slick to the White House: Tricia Nikon, the president’s daughter, sent an invitation to Slick or at least to the singer’s name Grace Ving. Nikon and Slick attended Finch, a women’s college in New York, about ten years apart. Slick did not graduate from Finch (and Finch no longer exists), nor did Tricia Nikon, but the First Daughter decided to organize a meeting for Finch’s students.

“I got an invitation in the mail. ‘Grace Ving, we cordially invite you to tea … Tricia Nikon to the White House,” Slick remembered.”And I thought, ‘Oh yeah, I think Trick Dick needs acid.'”

Slick stood out like a sore thumb

Abbie Hoffman and Grace Slick (in the foreground) walk with other guests at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Source: Pinterest

Slick was impressed with the plan and attracted a special guest: rebel hippie Abbie Hoffman. “I assumed [finch alumnae] had brought their husbands, so I thought, ‘I’m going to dress Abbie’.” she remembered. “But there’s no way to dress Abbie. We dressed him in a suit, tied his hair and he looked like a mob boy. She wore boots and a mini-skirt, and all these women were dressed like formal women, in a camel coat, gold pins, and a hairstyle for the pages. Then we immediately stood out and the security guards showed up and said, “Sorry, this is just a call.” I said, ‘Well, I have an invitation!”

Slick and Hoffman didn’t even come close to Richard Nikon

Grace Slick. Source: Pinterest

His plan was really ingenious: “I’d talk to Richard Nikon, has LSD on my nail and I’m just gesturing his cup of tea.” Unfortunately, the presence of Abbie Hoffman made the plan come true almost immediately. A brief report on the New York incident explained:

Trained and canned, Hoffman said he was “Miss Slick’s bodyguard and bodyguard,” but a White House police officer did not allow her to enter the complex and said, “This is strictly for women.
Hoffman produced a black flag with multicolored marijuana leaves and hung it on the White House door. He was quickly eliminated by a police officer from the White House. The singer and Mr. Hoffman crossed the street and were led by a member of Jefferson’s plane.

Hoffman left the Iippie card

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The “a black flag decorated with the image of multicolored marijuana” it would be the flag of the Iippies or the International Youth Party. The Iippies are an informal party founded in 1967 that embraced freedom of speech and countercultural ideas, known for performing acrobatics and making incredible statements. In 1968, Iippies proposed raising a pig for president and threatened to put LSD in drinking water in Chicago when the Democratic Convention approached (which would be a disaster in itself).

Although the plan to add acid to Nikon’s tea was interesting, it would never have happened even if Slick had entered the White House; Nikon did not attend his daughter’s show.

Grace Slick was an amazing force in nature

Grace Slick, the legend of Woodstock

Had Grace Slick and Abbie Hoffman managed to dose Nikon, the news wouldn’t have been so shocking. Hoffman was an instigator and a big cat, and Slick was a hippie girl with a sharp point; the girls were afraid that their daughters would turn. Tall, impressive and not afraid to say or do almost anything, Slick grew up at the right time to say what she wants and do what she wants, finding fans who loved her because she is alone. Nothing was beyond Grace Slick’s boundaries.

A growing hippie

Grace Slick was a product of the famous Haight and Ashberry from San Francisco (drustvoofrock)

Where Grace Slick was born, he played a huge role in the person he became. The hippie age and free love were in full swing; Slick lived not far from his epicenter, Haight-Ashbury. Today, the San Francisco techno-riff looks very different from the hippie cow town that was at the time, but the sweet smell of marijuana still permeates the streets of Haight. Some people may regret it from then on; Slick has only two: “What I wanted to do that I didn’t do was fuck Jimi Hendrix and ride a horse.”

Die beauty

Smoothly crossed Morrison to make a list (purple)

Slick’s beauty caught the model’s attention when her agile figure stirred up today’s hippie outfit. “The clothes were fun and had good things. He wore the same clothes on the street and on stage. I won a lot in thrift stores on Haight. “Elegant silk vests, strawberry skirts and boots were the staples of her wardrobe. With her piercing eyes, mouth like a sailor and the voice of an angel, Grace easily transformed from a model into a musician.

He even enjoyed tonight’s adventure with Jim Morrison. “Jim was a well-formed boy,” Grace recalled. “Bigger than average. When I left, I said, ‘Call me if you want.’ “And it never happened. So I’m a terrible layman. I liked Jim. Most women did it. He was handsome, but he was so crazy: half the time you couldn’t talk to him. He used to be a human guinea pig, look how far you can push a human brain.I remember coming back from a plane show in 1967 and going to the Motel Tropicana with Kantner and Morrison was in the hallway, a sour idiot, completely naked and barking like a dog, Paul just crossed over to him and entered the room.

Jefferson Airplane

This woman found a meeting with Mick Jager a little corporate (Amazon)

Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane became famous for their classic rock anthems “To love someone” i “White rabbit.” They rubbed their elbows with the biggest names of the time and drove Woodstock away. Lovers of acid, squares and marijuana, Slick’s stories look fantastic, but it wasn’t until the 70s. His encounter with Mick Jagger was pretty funny, if only because of his description:

“We were invited with Kantner to meet Mick Jagger at his house in Chelsea to talk about a concert in Altamont. I was scared because I thought we were going to go into an orgy. I’m not against orgies, but I’m not a good multitasker. I like a man, a boy, house and car Everything else is very confusing There were no orgies Jager’s house was like my parents It had oriental rugs, Louis XIV furniture It was in a three-piece suit He gave us tea He didn’t offer alcohol, he didn’t offer drugs That was disappointing. We had a formal conversation and Altamont was organized: we would support the Rolling Stones. “

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