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We’ve got the best whitening creams to fight off those blemishes and freckles you’re worried about and give you clear, white skin! Learn about the role of the cream and its active whitening ingredients to find the right whitening cream for you. Plenty of popular items, from the most popular items that have won the Aesthetic Vescos rankings, to decadent, petite, gel types, and more. How to apply the cream to increase its effectiveness.

The role of skin whitening creams is to wrap the skin in a film of moisture and protect it!


To keep your skin white and revived, you need to keep it constantly moisturized, keep it in a good environment, and increase its resistance to various stresses. This is where creams are needed. It wraps the skin in a film of moisture and protects it. If it contains whitening ingredients, even better.

How to choose whitening agents and moisturizing ingredients

Elixir White Enriched Wrinkle White Cream S 15g 


This is a partial cream that simultaneously cares for wrinkles and whitening by combining pure retinol, the active medicinal ingredient, and m-tranexamic acid, the whitening agent.
By producing hyaluronic acid, the skin’s own hyaluronic acid increases its moisture content and improves its elasticity from within.

Whitening Water Jelly 160g 

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Contains “Arbutin”, a whitening agent that suppresses the production of melanin and prevents freckles and freckles.
Contains Adlay fermented extract and a moisturizing veil for soft, supple skin.

Stabilized vitamin C derivatives


Further whitening effect.
A medicated whitening cream for daytime use that contains the whitening ingredient “stabilized vitamin C derivative”.
Also, pure Phalaenopsis orchid extract and buttercup dandelion concentrated extract are newly added.
Helps to keep skin healthy and prevents environmental stress and UV damage.
SPF 50+, PA++++.

Placenta Extract and Medical Moisturizer Hydroid


This item is highly recommended.
Care for multiple skin problems!
The newest addition to the extremely popular Hirserin series contains the medical moisturizer Hydroid, which is prescribed at medical institutions.
The addition of placenta extract, an effective whitening agent, to the existing product gives it the three effects of whitening, water retention, and preventing roughness.
medicated whitening hirserin cream 50g

SHISEIDO Perfection Cream


This item is highly recommended.
Stimulates the skin’s “power to become beautiful”.
The common ingredient “4MSK” (whitening agent) and the moisturizing ingredient “Benihana BLG Complex” give your skin a brighter, firmer look and feel.

POLA|White Shot RXS

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This item is highly recommended.
The best cosmetic creams of the first half of 2019 ranked No. 1.
Ranked No. 1 in the 2019 Wise Men’s Best Cosmetics Cream Ranking.

[Voice of the Beauty Sage]
“It has a lot of moisture, but doesn’t feel sticky.” (Akemi Kibe)
The cool, refreshing feel of this product is very useful for summer whitening. The fresh gel-cream minimizes inflammation” (Chiharu Nagatomi).
Although it is a light gel, it has a definite whitening effect” (KUBOKI).

Aqua Label|White Care Cream

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This item is highly recommended.
Ranked #1 in the 2019 Readers’ Best Cosmetic Petite Creams and Gels.
A medicated whitening cream that leaves your skin fresh and moisturized.
Contains Charge Amino Acid WH, an essential ingredient for beautiful skin.

[Reader’s Voice]
The next morning’s skin is plumped up when you go to bed with a lot of it.” (Professional, age 25)

Chifure | Whitening Cream AR

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This item is highly recommended.
A medicated whitening cream that works by inhibiting the production of melanin and preventing freckles and freckles by the whitening ingredient arbutin.
Contains hyaluronic acid to keep skin fresh and free of dryness.

Le Blanc Cream HL


This item is highly recommended.
The creamy texture of this product is also exceptional, making it ideal for Japanese consumers.
This is the third generation of the masterpiece that brought about the new custom of “whitening cream”.
The unique whitening active ingredient TXC and the useful natural ingredient plum blossom extract keep the skin moisturized and brightened for a long time.

Sublimage La Creme Lumiere

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This item is highly recommended.
The ultimate cream that focuses on the radiance and regeneration of the skin.
Skin is left with a satin-smooth, radiant, high-quality glow.
The blissful feeling of this cream gliding over the skin is also unique.

Amphinez White Plant Cream


This item is highly recommended.
The skin is lifted and whitened for a fuller, firmer feeling.
The cream melts on the skin and melts into the skin on contact.
The cream penetrates the skin’s texture and seems to lift and plump from the inside out.
The longer you wear it, the brighter it gets.

Parfum Givenchy-Blanc Divan Night Cream Kit


Givancy Seram1

This item is highly recommended.
A cream and serum that helps repair your skin at night.
A thick yet lightly blending cream and a serum that is used once a month for special care.
Contains extracts of moonlight beauty.
Cream 50ml / Serum 4ml

Illuminating Creme Extraordinaire


This item is highly recommended.
A powerful new proprietary ingredient that works against blemishes!
A fresh and light cream.
Contains Lumidose, a proprietary brightening ingredient that took two and a half years to develop.
Intensive treatment for dullness and unevenness of skin tone.

DEW|Brightening Cream 


This item is highly recommended.
Skin firmness and whitening are achieved at the same time.
Contains Hyaluronic acid, brown algae extract, and butterfly extract in combination with Hyaluronic acid support and other moisturizing ingredients.
Also, whitening ingredients suppress the production of melanin to prevent spots and freckles.
A dense moisture content circulates in the keratinized skin layer, leaving it clear and supple.

Elixir|Dense Whitening Cream 


This item is highly recommended.
The skin looks and feels firmer and firmer.
A medicated whitening cream with a pleasant sensation of freshness and richness.
4MSK (whitening active ingredient) inhibits the production of melanin for clearer, brighter skin
Also contains the T-Stem Complex which leads to tighter, more hydrated skin.

Tarantino|Medicated Whitening Repair Cream EX 

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This item is highly recommended.
For clearer, brighter skin
The Whitening Skin Care Series, born from the research of a pharmaceutical company into blemish care, has been renewed.
Focuses on the six elements that determine the impression of whitening, including moisture, brightness, and evenness.

Dr. Ci: Labo|Super White 377 VC Cream

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This item is highly recommended.
The beauty ingredients are trapped and tightly coated.
Richly concentrated brightening ingredients in a rich cream that is not oily.

Bobbi Brown – Hydrating Water Fresh Cream

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This item is highly recommended.
Alcohol-free, sun-kissed skin.
A light gel that soothes red and irritated skin.

Blue Bell Japan Nuxe White Gel Cream

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Recommendations for this item]
Protects against UV rays and air pollution for radiant skin
A variety of ingredients protect the skin from stress. Light to the touch.

Fancl : And Mirai Skin-Up Gel Cream EX

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This item is highly recommended.
The base effect is also included.
Contains B vitamins to prevent damage. Moisturizing wrapping like an application mask.

SHISEIDO|White Lucent Brightening Gel Cream


This item is highly recommended.
A light and smooth whitening cream with a light and smooth texture.

Melt it softly between your fingers and place it on five points on your face (cheeks, forehead, bridge of the nose, and chin, in that order) and blend it in.


It’s easy to forget to apply the parts!
The bridge of the nose and chin are often neglected when moisturizing, and these parts tend to get burnt more easily than you might think. Don’t forget to moisturize and protect your skin.


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