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Highly Effective Unconventional Methods To Quit Smoking


You may have heard an old saying: “Once a smoker, always a smoker”. Okay, we admit that it doesn’t exist, and we just came up with it to tell you that this saying shouldn’t be true. Yes, quitting smoking is quite difficult because of the withdrawal symptoms, both physical and mental. But it’s possible. As it’s written in these books. The best way to quit smoking, however, is not to leave the beaten path, but to enter the beaten path. Here are 10 unconventional ways to help you quit smoking. Eat when you want to smoke

Do you suddenly want to take the train? Just eat. The nicotine contained in the cigarette pumps sugar into your blood, which can disrupt your eating habits and lead to health complications. So if you really want to quit, eat something healthy the next time you want to smoke. Foods like cabbage, salads, etc. can distract your attention from smoking and increase your appetite so you can get back to your regular eating habits. Don’t rely on substitutes

In trying to quit smoking, you may be tempted to try substitutes such as nicotine patches or electronic cigarettes. If you do, it is best to minimize their use. These products will not help you quit smoking because they will maintain your dose of nicotine. Instead of trying substitutes, you should maintain high motivation and stick to your quitting plan. Setting realistic deadlines

Smoke-free is not something you can achieve in one night. If you make your mind and body believe that you are no longer dependent on nicotine, it will take much longer. The best way to quit smoking is to set a short time limit so that your body can gradually get used to the lack of nicotine. Start by not smoking for two weeks, and if you can get through this, make slow progress. Declining Caffeine

smoking has several effects on body functions, and one of them is that it can reduce the ability of the liver to release caffeine. Therefore, both when smoking and when trying to quit, it is necessary to reduce caffeine intake by 50% so that the body can better digest caffeine. All energy drinks containing caffeine should also be avoided, and more than one cup of coffee per day should not be drunk. When you read the available information about the harms of smoking on the Internet, you brainwash yourself to believe that you are quitting something that could endanger your life. You may even watch the anti-smoking ads because they are quite scary. You can also hang anti-smoking posters in your room to stay motivated.

Oral hygiene

Nicotine can leave unsightly marks on your teeth. When you’re done quitting, make an appointment to see your dentist and brush your teeth. Your new pearly white color may encourage you to quit smoking. Take a deep breath.


smoking can damage your lungs, which means that when you finally quit smoking, you will need to do some damage control. Deep breathing exercises like the ones you do in yoga can help. Such exercises cleanse your lungs of toxins and improve your general health. You can also try them all together if you consult a doctor first. If you are aware of other non-traditional ways to quit smoking, please let us know in the comments box below.

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