How to Give the Eyebrows the Right Shape? How to Fix the Eyebrows?


To create a beautiful and correct shape of the eyebrows at home, you need to find three key points that will form the beginning of the eyebrow, its end, and the uppermost point of the arc. Of course, you can make any shape of the eyebrows, but you need to consider your style, general image, and character to make the eyebrows look appropriate.

The highest point of the eyebrow is a straight line, which should be drawn from the wing of the nose and the outer corner of the cornea of the eye. Extend the line to the eyebrow and remember this point. Now you can draw the brow so that its beginning and end did not go beyond the points found, and the bend at the third point.

The beautiful ideal shape of the eyebrows


To get a beautiful and perfect shape of the eyebrows, you need to work them out well in your makeup. If you think of plucking some of the hairs on your eyebrows, you should only do so along the lower edge of the eyebrow. Removing the upper part will be very noticeable and not aesthetic.

Eyebrows by shape and type of face

The beautiful and perfect shape of the eyebrows depends on many parameters. It is necessary to take into account the construction of brow arcs and face shape. Broken eyebrows with high lift will do well for a round face. The fracture itself should not be too sharp.

Straight horizontal eyebrows are well suited for the oval face shape. The triangular shape of the face is less common, but a slightly raised middle-length eyebrow should be selected for it. It is better not to do straight eyebrows with this face shape.

If the face is shaped like a heart, you should choose short and thick eyebrows. Girls with such a face are strongly discouraged from making the eyebrows long, it will further sharpen the chin and make the whole face ugly.

With a fairly elongated face, the eyebrows are made straight and thick. The end of the form can be made in the form of a bending tail. This will help round the face and soften its excessive elongation. The shape of the eyebrows should be straight, and the tail is not very low.

Well-groomed and slightly rounded eyebrows are suitable for square face shape. If the eyes are planted very far apart, the distance between the eyebrows should be reduced.

Eyebrows shape for round face


The round shape of the face is characterized by a soft line of the chin, with the upper and lower parts of the face approximately equal in size. The height of the face contour is the same as the width, small deviations are possible. The shape of eyebrows is chosen for such a face, which will create a visual semblance of the oval face shape.

The shape of the eyebrows should be with a visible line of bend, with a flowing tail. Such eyebrows emphasize the verticality of forms. It is categorically contraindicated to make a rounded shape of the eyebrows, it will emphasize the round face.

Care should be taken with straight eyebrows, which are devoid of any bending. This shape is not suitable for everyone. It is important to consider not only the round shape of the face but also other anatomical features.

The shape of the eyebrows for a square face

Square Face

The square shape of the face is characterized by a wide chin, whose dimensions are equal to the width of the forehead and cheekbones. At the same time, the features of the face are very expressive and sharp. In this face, the angles that create sharpness are clearly expressed.

For a square face are also suitable eyebrows with a high bend line, try to do a high bend line. This can draw attention away from angular shapes.
You can experiment with the shape of the eyebrows because the square shape of the face well accepts any eyebrow except for excessively thin threads. What you shouldn’t do is pluck the eyebrows out hard. Also, avoid smooth eyebrows, straight lines emphasize the massiveness of the face.

Eyebrow shape for oval face photo


The oval face has always been considered an ideal form that does not require additional correction. Try to emphasize the naturalness of forms as much as possible. Take a look, perhaps you are given such physiological features that do not require any changes or additions.

The oval face is suitable for practically all forms of eyebrows. Here the matter is behind your preferences. There is no need to hide or highlight anything with the eyebrows. You can use a soft fracture, try straight eyebrows, or make a small oval shape.

Eyebrow shape for a triangular face

Acne On Face

The triangular shape of the face is characterized by a wider size of the lower part and a narrower head at the top. This facial shape creates a massive chin and a pronounced jaw area. The shape of the eyebrows should visually expand the upper space and distract attention from the bottom. Use the wide shape of the eyebrows.

Another variant of the triangular facial shape is possible when the chin is narrowed and the forehead has a large and pronounced shape. Here will suit slightly raised eyebrows with a smooth bend. Avoid straight shapes, sharp bends, and large breaks.

The shape of the eyebrows pencil

Eyebrow Makeup

Nowadays, templates that parody the shape of celebrity eyebrows are popular. You can pick up a good image. If you are afraid to risk on your own, ask for help in a beauty salon.

Before using the stencil, you should carefully examine its data to make sure that such eyebrows are suitable for your face. If necessary, the stencil can be made at home. This way you can always make the perfect shape of the eyebrows that suits you.

To create a stencil, any transparent thin plastic will be suitable. Prepare a long line, apply it to your face, and form the necessary shape, then use a clerical knife to cut out the necessary stencil.

The shape of the eyebrows according to the shape of the nose


The shape of the eyebrows can greatly distract attention from the deficiencies of the face. In this case, they will seem invisible or insignificant. If you want to hide a long nose, make your eyebrows long enough with a good bend.
Try to have them located at a good distance from each other, but without the excesses that spoil the natural environment. This will attract the views of interlocutors to the top of your face
If you need to hide a big nose, make your eyebrows stretched. In no case do not make them short. You should also avoid straight lines. Beautiful and expressive bending will attract attention.

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