It’s Hot in a Mask But is it True That The Environment Where you Sweat is The Best Chance for Your Skin to Grow?


In this section, we ask experts to answer questions about beauty and lifestyle that arise in our daily lives. In this issue, we will talk about “skin-dwelling bacteria” that live on the skin. Is it true that the environment in which we sweat is the best chance to grow beautiful skin bacteria? Therefore, we talked to Ms. Aiko Kawakami, a skin-nurturing specialist who leads people to beautiful skin by making use of the indigenous bacteria on the skin, about the relationship between beautiful skin and the indigenous bacteria on the skin.

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Q:Is it true that the environment in which we sweat is a chance to develop beautiful skin?

A: It’s hot this summer. You don’t want your face, scalp, and body to be sticky with sweat anyway. And it seems that masks are also a factor. However, rumor has it that when you sweat, you have a chance to nurture your skin. Is this true? We asked the question to Ms. Aiko Kawakami, who recommends “beauty without washing”, which leads to beautiful skin by using the knowledge of the indigenous bacteria in the skin and the secretions produced by herself.

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