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Introducing the most popular items such as strongest SPF, petite price and spray type!

Fresh Skin Care

Sunscreen is indispensable for the coming season when UV rays are getting stronger. We will introduce all the items that won the BEST COSTS ranking, spray type, daily-use petite price items, and makeup base. Check out the strongest SPF for those who don’t want to get burned, the type that is resistant to sweat and sebum, the type for sensitive skin, etc.

How to apply sunscreen evenly and neatly


1.  Put it on five points on the face
After skincare, apply an appropriate amount to the back of your hand as indicated on the product and apply it to the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin.

2. Spread outward from the center of the face.
Use the fingers of both hands to spread the product evenly over your face,

3. Even the uneven areas of the face are carefully considered.

4. Hand press to adhere to each other.
When it’s glossy, it’s a sign that it’s sticking to your skin. Then your makeup won’t wear off as easily.

The key to repainting on the go!
Smoothes out the unevenness of the skin. Neatly resets skin that has been disfigured by sweat and sebum

(1) Reduce sweat and sebum.
Prepare a skin surface with a wet cotton ball. ‘Don’t change your makeup over a sweaty surface.

(2) Turn on BB or powder.
Use UV-protective cosmetics to reapply your makeup. Your skin is in good shape, so the finish will be beautiful.

Les Merveilleuses|Ladurée Rose Essence Day Cream


Highly moisturizing day cream to achieve a pale complexion. A fresh UV protection base that provides both high UV protection and moisturizing power. The soft focus of the bright powder gives a translucent and glowing skin.

John Master Organic|G&C Perfect UV Milk

John Moistures

Nature’s power to bring you closer to your ideal skin condition. The sunscreen contains antioxidant-rich tea leaf extract and calendula extract to enhance the skin’s barrier function.

Genomer|Brightening UV Protector


For a clear, radiant complexion. The 4D Advanced Complex is a common blend of 4D Advanced Complex, which addresses “Aging Tone”, a skin tone that changes with age, and a UV protector with double pearls to bring out the skin’s clarity.

ANESSA|Perfect UV Skin Care

Anessa Skin Care

You can use it on your face, your body, your whole body, and its UV protection and water repellency are pretty damn good! In addition to strengthening the UV blocking film when it comes into contact with sweat or water, the Aqua Booster EX Technology is used to prevent the UV blocking film from being removed. Also, the 360-degree uneven burn support spreads evenly over the skin, preventing UV rays from all angles. Super waterproof, which has been confirmed to be water-resistant for a whopping 80 minutes in the manufacturer’s water bath tests, not just temporary water drops. Once blended into the skin, it has a powdery finish and is not sticky. Although it is a sunscreen, it contains beauty ingredients such as super hyaluronic acid, collagen, and green tea extract. It also contains 50% skincare ingredients to prevent UV dryness damage and moisturize your skin without the squeaky sensation typical of sunscreens. It’s super water-resistant and sweat-resistant, but it’s also great that it can be removed with soap and water.

Dr. Ci: Labo|UV Protect

Labo Photo

A head-to-toe sunscreen spray with a cool and refreshing sensation that doesn’t get sticky or squeaky even after 100 coats. Contains moisturizing ingredients (collagen, hyaluronic acid, and ceramide) to prevent drying caused by UV rays. Contains aloe extract, sunflower bud extract, and other UV damage care ingredients to keep skin that tends to be sticky with perspiration and sebum smooth.

Kohgendo Clear UV Veil

UV absorbent free sunscreen spray. A blend of hot spring water and natural herbs with anti-aging features to combat dryness, photo-aging, inflammation, and skin heat. The water-proof formula for long-lasting UV protection. Transparent and smooth feel without any white residue. No fragrances, synthetic dyes, petroleum-based mineral oil, paraben, or alcohol. For the whole body and hair.

Skin Aqua Water Magic UV

Water Magic

A sunscreen that turns into a gel when sprayed on and can be applied evenly. The water-fitting formula is water-repellent and water-resistant, repels water and sweat, and adheres firmly to the skin without mixing. Perfect for everyday use as well, as it can be removed with soap.

POLA|B.A. Light Selector

Pola Wrinkle Shot

The result of innovative research. Red light, which has been said to be the cause of skin aging, was found to be the source of skin elasticity and firmness. The newly developed “Select Protection Veil” only delivers red light to the skin while protecting it from UV rays

SUQQU |Extra Protector

Suqqu Eye Cream

Fourth on the list of best cosmetic multi-UV primers for the first half of 2019… and not just UV-A and B waves! Blocks the adhesion of fine particles. Our proprietary UV scattering technology protects the skin from UV rays while providing the smooth texture of a skincare cream.

IHADA|Medical UV Screens

Ihda Lotions

Gentle on the skin, yet reliable! Medicated sunscreen with no UV-absorbing agents and suitable for use on children and sensitive skin. Original micro-dispersion technology and highly refined Vaseline blend for a soft, non-skinning feel. At the same time, the anti-fouling active ingredients protect the skin’s surface and prevent problems.

Free plus|Mild UV Face

Free Plus

We are dedicated to being kind to the skin. Designed with hypoallergenic and moisturizing MB, a beauty ingredient from Japanese oriental plants, this UV product can be used without strain on even the most sensitive skin. The yellow-beige color with a hint of color also has a complementary effect on the skin.

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