“Melano CC” Approaches the Opening of Pores! And How to Use it Effectively.

Melano Cc

Open pores are a particular concern this time of year. For those pores, try adding vitamin C to your diet. Vitamin C has tightening, sebum suppression, melanin reduction, and sagging properties and is recommended for pore care. The recommended items and effective ways to use it, with a focus on the popular and petite Roth’s Melano CC. Vitamin C for tighter, tighter pores!

Put plenty of vitamin C into your skin! Melano CC serum and lotion

Merano CC (R) Medicated Anti-Blemish (R)

Melano Cc

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Ranked #1 in the 2019 Annual Best Cosmetics Reader’s Edition Petite Beauty Serum for 2019.
Prevents acne while smoothing out pores.
The active vitamin C and E derivatives lead to clearer skin.

[Reader’s Voice]
It’s a great way to combat acne! (Civil servant, age 29)
‘When I applied it every day in the summer, it didn’t cause any blemishes or dull skin.’ (Self-employed, age 26)

How to apply a serum that is effective in tightening pores

Timeless Skin Care

Before we get to the Vitamin C Serum, let’s start with the Exfoliating Serum.
After washing your face, use a serum that helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and boosts the skin’s metabolism. Not only does it prevent dead skin cells, but it also enhances skin renewal and improves mortar pores.

It is important to make sure you use the correct amount of exfoliating serum as indicated on the container, or slightly more. Once in your hands, spread out and apply to your face. If there is any leftover, apply to pore areas.

Apply a layer of Vitamin C Serum to tighten it up.
After the exfoliating serum, apply a toner and then layer on the vitamin C serum. Vitamin C has pore tightening, sebum suppressing, melanin reducing, and sagging properties, so it’s a universal pore treatment!

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