Protect against UV rays with Copatone’s type of sunscreen! And how to apply it…

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Kirei Enchanting UV” by skin type, “Perfect UV Protection Gel Cream” series by skin type, etc. Check out Copatone’s recommended sunscreens! Choose according to your type and the mood you want to be in, with tips on how to apply sunscreen to protect against UV rays.

UV light

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The Copatone Kirei Charming UV series protects the skin from UV rays while giving the impression of the skin you want to achieve.

There are four types of UV products in the lineup: “Marshmallow Skin” for a one-tone brighter complexion; “Smooth Skin” for a smoother, pore-free complexion with yellow-beige control color and gold pearls; “Faint Skin” for a natural shade with light control effect; and “Glitter Skin” for a shiny, glittering complexion with glitter powder.

All are water-resistant for long-lasting UV-blocking effects!

You can use it on your face and body and remove it with a facial cleanser.
SPF 50/PA++++++.
Total of 4 products, 40g

Perfect UV Protection Gel Cream

Biore Uv

This item is highly recommended.

There are three main types of skin in Japan. After being exposed to the sun, the skin 1 becomes red immediately and does not turn black, 2 it becomes red and then darkens, and 3 it does not turn red but darkens.

Formulated with the right ingredients for each skin type.

Precisely prevents UV problems. Type I is a soothing extract, Type III is a moisturizer and anti-inflammatory ingredient, and Type II is in between.

Waterproof and suitable for both face and body.
SPF 50/PA++++.
Total of 3 products, 40g

Protect against UV rays! Tips on how to apply sunscreen

Skin Care For Anti Aging

Make sunscreen a part of your morning routine and block the UV rays!

At the end of your skincare routine, take a handful of sunscreen about 2 cm in diameter. Apply a thin layer of sunscreen to the face in small batches.

Finally, apply to the neck to protect all areas exposed by clothing. Any excess can be applied to the back of your hands as well.

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