Protect Your Skin with UV Protection! UV Protection Techniques and Items Taught by Beauty Professionals

natural sunscreen options

How can you make your skin more resistant to the sun? UV Protection for Beauty Professionals

Fresh Skin Care

Boost your defenses and anti-inflammatory power!

During the sweat season, no matter how strong a sunscreen you use, fixing your makeup is a must. If two hours isn’t feasible, try to fix your skin once in the morning and once in the late afternoon as you go to the bathroom. Apply a lighter coat of makeup in the morning so it doesn’t get blurred or uneven when you sweat or apply multiple coats. I only use a toning base and concealer to finish my makeup, and then add BB cream during the day.

Take antioxidant supplements to boost your body’s resistance from the inside
Take so-called “drinkable sunscreen” or antioxidant vitamin supplements such as vitamins C and E. If you are iron deficient, supplement with iron.

Recommended UV protection for face, body, and hair

Natural Skin Care Products

For the face, an SPF of around 30 is enough, even in the middle of summer. Choose items based on the purpose of use.

Contains 97% natural ingredients such as aloe vera juice and chamomile water to combat UV rays and dryness damage.

Timeless Skin Care

Q. What is the best UV blocking material?
A. Polyester. The finer the material, the fewer UV rays can get through!
Polyester, silk, and cotton are the least likely to allow ultraviolet rays to pass through, in that order.

Q. I have no choice but to wear sunglasses to protect myself from the ultraviolet rays entering my eyes.
A. No. Supplements that protect against ultraviolet rays are also effective.

Q. Which colors are the least and easiest for UV rays to penetrate?
A. Black is the hardest to pass through, white is the easiest to pass through.

UV protection from the inside! Drinking Sunscreen & Accidental Post Sun Care

Organic Skin Care Products

Q: “Drinking sunscreen”, does it burn?
A: That’s true!
‘Drinking sunscreens prevent inflammation, which can cause the skin to become red and tingling, rather than preventing it from becoming darker. So it’s not just a matter of taking a drinkable sunscreen. If you are exposed to the sun for a long time, for example, at the pool or beach, or when playing golf on the course, you can benefit from using sunscreen in combination with an applied sunscreen” (Dr. Yamaya).

How can I get a “sunscreen” effect from drinking sunscreen?


Sunscreens are supplements that prevent the production of active oxygen species with their powerful antioxidant effects and reduce the damage caused by UV rays by taking care of the skin from the inside. There are two main ingredients of sunscreens, “Fane Block” and “Neutrox Sun”, and the “Heliocare Ultra-D”, which is available at Takami Clinic, is a sunscreen with a strong antioxidant effect. “The main ingredient in this product is fane block. This has antioxidant and inflammation-reducing properties, as well as reducing the development of blemishes, wrinkles, melasma, sagging, and skin cancer. Plus, it provides a particularly high level of protection against ultraviolet A-waves (UVA), which penetrate deep into the skin and cause damage, so taking it year-round cuts out UV rays! It helps prevent photo-aging and maintain beautiful skin.

Q. Can I get maximum UV protection from sunscreen spray if I spray in a spiral pattern?
A. No. The key is to blend it in after application!

How long do I have to use sunscreen?
Typical sunscreens are said to last three years unopened and one year after opening, but aerosol type sunscreen sprays are not exposed to air, so the rule of thumb is three years for both unopened and opened sunscreens. However, sunscreens are items that evolve rapidly every year, so it is best to use them up within a year. The mist type sunscreens should be used up within three years when unopened and one year after opening. The best thing about the spray type is that it is easy to use. Spray it frequently to protect against UV rays.

Can I use sunscreen on my hair?
It’s fine. However, don’t forget to properly remove it with a shampoo later in the day. It may prevent UV rays, but it can leave your hair damaged. Also, read the description of each product carefully to see if it can be used on your scalp.

Can I use sunscreen sprays on my face?
This one is fine too. The rule of thumb is to spray with it closed so it doesn’t get into your eyes and mouth. However, some brands remind you to blend it in your palm once and then apply it to your face. Also, whether it’s your face or body, it’s safe to use it in conjunction with an applied sunscreen rather than relying solely on the spray. Think of sprays as “convenient for frequent reapplication”.

Graphico|Skin Peace Family UV Spray

Skin Peace

UV protection and herb scent for insect repellent. Contains 6 types of natural essential oils of herbs that insects hate. Contains 6 kinds of natural herbs that are hated by insects, and food ingredients that are safe to use for children. No petroleum-based surfactants.

Antelios UV Protection Mist

Anthelios Mist

From La Roche Posé, a skincare brand for sensitive skin, this spray-type sunscreen is convenient for reapplying over makeup. Its unique UV filtering system protects the skin from damage caused by UV rays and atmospheric particles including PM2.5. The mist is so fine that it can be applied evenly and evenly over make-up without the need for a technique. It can also be used on hair, scalp, and neck, and its water-resistant formula is sweat and water-resistant. It’s a great formula for sensitive skin and is alcohol-free, paraben-free, and color-free. Plus, it’s dermatologically tested, allergy tested and non-comedogenic tested.

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