Remember when Johnny Carson caused a shortage of national toilet paper?

Johnny Carson

Tonight’s lecturer, Johnny Carson, August 3, 1971 (photo: Fred Sabine Photo Bank / NBCU / NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

It was the lack of 73 toilet papers: Johnny Carson, the host of the show Tonight Show, helped light the toilet paper when he joked about the lack of air, and the Americans reacted hysterically to the possible interruption of their toilet on the toilet. There are many ways in which scarcity can disrupt daily life, but the inability to cleanse seems like the worst nightmare in America, as we saw in 2020 with the lack of PT caused by the coronavirus. Toilet paper and viruses have little to do with each other, but customers have begun to match their Charmin and Cottonella as the news became more serious. In 1973, the pattern varied in detail, but the result was the same: empty store shelves and national anxiety about what we would do if supply actually decreased.

There was a lack of a certain type of toilet paper

Johnny Carson, who caused a national panic in 1973. Source: (Palei Matters).

ABOUT He helped establish the format of the evening conversation during his guest appearance on The Tonight Show: it begins with a monologue, then a sketch of a comedy, and then interviews with guests and performances by musicians and comedians. The monologue consisted of 16-22 covers. During a certain monologue on December 19, 1973, Johnny Carson read a newspaper clipping in which he said that we had a shortage of toilet paper and, of course, we played with it. However, the cut is made of commercial quality toilet paper, not consumer. However, this joke was not absent, because the public definitely reacted, although probably not in the way it predicted.

The Americans were not surprised by the news

One of the absences in 1973. Source: (

The country was already on the brink of oil shortage. Oil prices began to rise in the fall, and on Christmas this led to a rationalization of electricity and heat and, inevitably, a shortage of gas. There was also a shortage of paper bags, and some grocery stores put up signs asking customers to reuse their paper bags for that reason. Earlier that year, due to excessive rain that destroyed the onion crop in the United States, the onion disappeared. The atmosphere was conducive to the fear of lack of toilet paper.

How the panic started

Congressman Froelich, who accidentally initiated the shortage. Source: (Wikipedia)

However, Carson was not solely responsible for the rage of the toilet paper. December 11, 1973, Republican Congressman of Wisconsin, Harold. В. In a press release, Froelich warned the public about this shortcoming, stating that they hope that they will not have to evaluate toilet paper.

Froelich received complaints from voters about the lack of paper pulp. Although this shortcoming did not pose a danger to the delivery of toilet paper, Froelich was concerned enough to warn reporters. This press release ended at Carson’s desk, which caught his national attention: “You know, today we have all kinds of shortages. But did you hear the latest? I’m not kidding. I saw it in the newspaper. A big shortage … of paper. hygienic! ”

Dealing with panic

Source: (World Atlas)

Apparently, panic arose when the Americans hurried to find themselves on this basic thing and a shortage occurred. To allay public fears, Scott’s role created videos showing her toilet paper mills, but that didn’t calm the audience. Christmas is in the middle of chaos, but since Carson returned after the holidays, he apologized and took responsibility for the incident. A few weeks later, the shelves were completely filled and the panic ended.

International panic

The current panic is international. Source: (Student Edge)

Although the insanity of toilet paper 2020 did not cause the host of the evening shows, he has some similarities. Certainly, our panic today is equally strange, because Covid-19 is a respiratory disease, which should not lead to an excessive need for toilet paper. With the crisis, people are advised to supply themselves with basic things that will last for several weeks. It was similar with the rage that occurs when a snowstorm is coming, when everyone is supplied with milk and bread. When we learned that we needed a few weeks, there was a panicked purchase, which was fueled by news of declining stocks. And this time it is not limited to the United States; people from all over the world are piling up toilet paper.

Good side

Bidet, an alternative if you can’t find toilet paper! Source: (Wikipedia)

We also do not have to face problems in the toilet paper supply chain, because the United States imports only about 10% of its toilet paper, and there are about 150 companies that produce it. And for some companies, there is a positive side due to the current shortcoming: bidet sales have increased.

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