Removing Facial Hair! How to Take Care of Yourself and Your Hair at the Salon

Swelling Face

When you get close to someone, you may be surprised by the hair on your face and around your mouth. This is especially important when you’re on a date. Shaving your facial hair can also help you apply your makeup better and make your skin look more beautiful. Know how to take care of it properly and prepare for the close calls of love.

Under hair on the face is a surprisingly common sight. Removing them with a hair remover is a no-no!

Swelling Face

At Kaijirushi, we conducted a survey of 200 men and women in their 20s to 30s living in the Tokyo metropolitan area to find out how women take care of their pubic hair and how men feel about women’s hair growth. As a result, we found that surprisingly, one in five women do not or hardly ever take care of their “facial hair”!

On the other hand, ask men, “When you’re rapidly approaching a woman, what is it about her face that bothers you?” When we asked, “What do you do when you notice your puberty? We also asked, “What do you do when you notice the facial hair (beard) of your girlfriend, wife, or the woman you love?” When we asked the question, “What do you think about women’s facial hair,” we found that about 40% of men “turn a blind eye” to it. It seems that men are more concerned about women’s facial hair than women realize. To be fully prepared for the coming close calls, it’s best to get rid of the hair on your face!

The way to make your skin beautiful and pore-free!

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There’s another reason why we recommend facial hair removal. That is that when you shave, your pores will be less noticeable and you will be able to apply makeup for beautiful skin.

In an experiment conducted by Kaijirushi, when you shave your pores, your pores look smaller, and after shaving your face, your skin looks fresher and fresher due to the increase in water and oil content, and the texture of your skin is improved.

The most important thing to avoid is self-treatment with a hair remover. Pulling the hair out by force causes inflammation of the dermis and increases the risk of folliculitis. Considering the cost-effectiveness of medical hair removal at the clinic is recommended, but if you must self-treatment, use a razor. However, shave properly and take care of your hair before and afterward” (Dr. Keita).

Can you get rid of leftover hair, such as balding and buried hair? Recommended self-care items and salons.

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Diet Trainer Ms. Kiyoka Wada
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Manicurist Naoko Takano, the leader of Nadeen Nails
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Poalless Lab – Poallist Terumi Furuya
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Dr. Goodwill Sato, Director of Ebisu Goodwill Clinic
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A representative of “mime”, Noriko Kawashima
We take care of all your eyebrow needs, from creating seasonal eyebrows to taking care of them

A razor with a film guard to reduce the burden on the skin.
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How to use 

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First, follow the flow of your hair.

Open the pores by soaking in a hot tub or other means and apply the cream. Shave from outside to inside near the corners of the mouth, and shave from top to bottom under the nose and chin. Shave only once.

Shave to the root by lifting the skin.

Pulling the skin flat with your hands will make the hairs stand up against you and allow you to shave from the roots. When you’re done, wipe with a wet towel and apply a non-alcoholic lotion.

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