That’s why you need to put a cup of rice in your closet! The effect is amazing!

Wardrobe Rice

Put a cup of rice in your closet and see what happens next!


We like to prepare delicious rice dishes in the kitchen as good nasi or delicious curries. But there are many useful tricks from the kitchen that include rice, such as drying the phone after throwing it in the water. Most people will have a bag of rice in the pantry. Today we have another great rice tip for you: your wardrobe!


If you know the trick of putting a smartphone in a bag of rice to save it from the death of the smartphone when you throw it in water, you probably know that it also works because dry rice absorbs moisture. This is good information, because cabinets can sometimes have problems with moisture. Maybe your house is a little damp or put your washed clothes in the closet when it’s not completely dry yet. The moisture that remains on the clothes will make it smell a little, which is not pleasant for anyone. And of course, you just want to avoid moisture in your wardrobe, because, after all, you don’t want mold!

Essential oils

Since rice absorbs moisture in the room at the same time, it also acts as an air purifier. Adding a few drops of essential oil to rice will make your wardrobe smell wonderful and fresh! No need to buy expensive air fresheners or scented bags; You can easily prepare this air purifier. That way, you can completely do what you want and personalize it until you find the perfect perfume for you.

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Here’s what you need to do:

What you need is a cup of rice (better to use white rice), a little essential oil, a bowl in which you will put everything, a piece of cloth and a rubber belt. Mix the rice with 15 to 20 drops of oil in a bowl. Take a piece of fabric that breathes (like a piece of an old T-shirt) and use it to line a dish. Then use the elastic band to hold the fabric. Place the rice bowl in a place in your closet where your children or pets cannot reach it. After two months, you must replace the home air purifier. Did you use brown rice instead of white rice? Brown rice looks bad in front of your white friend, so you will also have to replace it faster.

You can use rice for so many wonderful things! Want to know how rice is used to repair a water-damaged phone? Or are you curious when you know how rice can turn a brown banana back into yellow again? Read on the next page!


Water damage

Not only is rice great as an air purifier, but it can also prevent the phone from drowning. If you accidentally throw your phone in the toilet or sink, this trick can save you. Dried rice absorbs water that has leaked into the phone. It is crucial to put the phone in a container or bag of rice for at least 48 hours. You also need to remove the battery and SIM card from the phone in advance. Allow them to dry on a cloth that easily absorbs water. Important: never try to blow dry your phone with a hair dryer! The hot air is bad for a small machine and only blows water into other parts of the phone. This will only hurt you more!

Brown banana

Bananas seem to fall brown before you know it, and while they are mostly still eaten, they don’t look very tasty. Many people immediately throw away brown bananas, but there is no need! This trick can turn a brown and sad banana into a yellow and happy one! Put a good amount of rice in the zipper and add the banana. Close the bag and make sure the banana is heavily covered with rice. Leave the banana in the bag for about an hour. After an hour, remove the hair dryer. Take a banana out of a bag of rice and dry it. See how a miracle happens when a banana turns yellow again!

Source: Tiphero O | Pictures: photomontage, Flickr: Magnus D, Wheeler Cowperthweite, Cushi Spa.

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