The Appeal of Popular Skin Care Lines Such as Aqua Label and Elixir

Elixir Super Moist

Shiseido has developed many lines of cosmetic products to meet a variety of needs, including price and skin concerns. In this issue, we will focus on their popular lines such as ELIXIR, AQUALABEL, BENEFIQUE, and HAKU, which have been introduced many times in Aesthetic.

Elixir|From Shiseido! Whitening & Aging Care Line

Elixir Aging Care

For a happy face that is full of glow. Luxuriously blended with original complex moisturizing ingredients such as W-Stem Complex AD and Self-Defense CB. Regulates the intercellular lipids in the stratum corneum and nurtures the skin to hold in plenty of moisture. Choose from three types of moisturizing creams to suit your skin type.

Elixir Superior Lift Moist Lotion T 

Elixir Super Moist

For a skin that oozes radiance from within. The skincare line of Elixir Superior is now more powerful. The key to its evolution is the addition of watercress extract BG, a new moisturizing ingredient in Elixir Spelliel. Inositol and Collagen GL are blended in to provide the skin with ample moisture and smooth, even skin elasticity.

Shiseido Lotion that Enhances the Rhythm and Moisture Barrier Function of the Skin


It lifts and moisturizes dirt and cleanses the skin! This wiping lotion gently removes rusty sebum, unwanted dead skin cells, and dirt from the pores of the skin, and is applied immediately after cleansing. Cleanses and purifies the skin and prepares it for the next step in the application of lotions and milkshakes. The clearness and transparency of the skin increase with each application.

Benefique Douce Lotion


For plump, bouncy skin with plenty of moisture. This is a new brand that focuses on the relationship between the skin’s rhythm and moisture barrier function. The lotion contains a common blend of moisturizing ingredients and xylitol, and the more it is used, the more plump and soft the skin becomes.

Revital|SHISEIDO, a skincare brand born to provide thorough care for photo-damage

Shiseido Mist

For healthy skin that does not feel dry. A skincare brand that thoroughly cares for photo-damage based on the idea that “80% of skin aging is caused by ultraviolet rays”. Contains the complex moisturizing ingredient “Photoprotect Complex” and Revital Amino Acid. It fills the stratum corneum with luxurious moisture and draws out the skin’s elasticity from within.

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