This 1970s capsule house sold in California is completely lime green

Lime Green

Lemon green is a good color for lemon. Or lemon pie. Or lemon ice cream or lemonade. A lime green apartment in Ramona, California can heal you forever. The intense citrus fruits that line the interior of the recently sold residence probably looked like a really wonderful idea at the time. But now…?

House for mixing your color vision (Nanci Maranan / Berkshire Hathaway)

Burnt pants, pet stones, humor rings and leisure suits were all from the sensual 70s. . Wooden boards, linoleum floors and vinyl chairs really create the mood for important parties or just a good fashion dance. Of course, over time, tastes change and decor evolves to suit our ever-changing spirit. However, they never left for a home in Ramona, California in the 1970s.

Do you look after some lemons in your house?

The most beautiful balcony I have ever seen (Nanci Maranan / Berkshire Hathaway)

The list for this 1,800-square-foot California home slyly says, “You MUST love green or bring a brush.” Honestly, even Caco the Frog may think that this monochrome interior goes a little far. But if you grew up in a time when all the fun was needed, there was a ribbon of eight, black lights and some women who wore shorts, maybe the decor of this house suits you.

An explosion of a monochromatic past

Fun in the jungle? (Nanci Maranan / Berkshire Hathaway)

As real estate agent Nanci Maranan boasts: “Everything is vintage, even the magazine on the coffee table is 30 years old. It’s a real time capsule. “Obviously, everyone who decorated this house lived in the 70’s as it should be: totally wild. Every inch of the house floor is covered with a cotton carpet from the 70’s, so thick that a small pet can get lost on the mat. .floors can provide more comfortable comfort, more suitable for lying down, resting or having sex – the three main tasks of the 70s.

Spiral staircase to the sky

The slowest step to the sky (Nanci Maranan / Berkshire Hathavai)

After the main party, the lazy spiral staircase in history, with limestone bars, offers its guests a safe base to stumble on the way to their love nest. The 1970s were a period of contradictions or contradictions, depending on your perspective. Dark earth tones struggled with the camouflaged colors for the wall space.

In the case of the Kermit house from California, beige on sofas, tables and cabinets really gives the house a good contrast. It also surprisingly enhances the strength of lemons, if possible. Kirsty Hislop and Dominic Lutiens inside Style and design of the 70s He described the decor of the decade as “playful embellishment and radical experimentation of form”. This is a way to explain the green details in the closets and the “wall clock with avocado tones”.

A $ 375,000 time capsule in three rooms

Get your wonderful in (Nanci Maranan / Berkshire Hathavai)

For those who want go-go boots, flowers and spaghetti still warm, there may be no better home for these specific predispositions. At a time when “style and the individualistic spirit of fashion design have become the guiding principles”, this house defines individualism in the absolute degree of lipo green.

Going through a background decorated with ivy in one of the bedrooms in the old checkered living room can give you a sour kick. The combination of hippie and natural shades has been perfectly combined since the 1970s with high-tech plastic and terracotta linings. The house radiates an “open plan” environment, ideal for a large number of people recovering on snowflakes after release.

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