What do you do after a pack or sheet mask? Moisturizing with a milky lotion is important too!


It’s full of hydrating ingredients, so many people keep it in place. Skincare is important even after a pack or mask. Use milkshakes and creams to cover the moisture in your skin. Depending on your skin’s condition and the items you use, you may want to add some extra care to your skin to achieve beautiful skin.

Proper use of sheet masks and aftercare


A sheet mask is a sheet of liquid serum that envelops your entire face and allows the ingredients to penetrate deep into your skin, giving you a moisturizing effect that goes beyond what you normally get from regular facial treatment.

As is probably the case with all brands, the amount of serum and ingredients in the sheets are carefully calculated by the research and development team. This is why the sheet itself often dries out if you apply it for longer than the recommended time. If you leave it on your face, the dry sheet may deprive your skin of moisture, which can reduce the moisturizing effect of the sheet.

Even if you don’t use a sheet mask, it is said to be most effective to complete the entire skincare process after washing your face and before your skin gets dry. After applying the sheet mask according to the recommended time on the package, depending on your skin condition, you may want to add an oil-based item such as a cream at the end to prevent moisture loss. Wearing a sheet mask while taking a bath will improve the penetration of the beauty ingredients. Get out of the bath with the mask still on and apply the leftover serum to your face and body. Avoid taking long baths to avoid contributing to dryness and fatigue.

Recommended Masks

BCL Savolino Otona Plus Night Recharge Full Mask White, 32 sheets


Even if you moisturize with a sheet mask, your skin still tends to dry out after a bath. Turn to a rich, high-performance cream to cover your skin with moisture. Pressing it into the skin while blending it in with your hands will give you plump, supple skin.

Recommended Creams

An anti-aging cream that revitalizes the skin.
Chanel Sublimage La Creme N 50g

chanel sublimage

After the foam pack with a cleanser, wipe off with a serum.
Don’t rub, be gentle.

Litz White Stem Perfect Mask (Face Care Mask) 30 sheets (440ml)

Lits White

It contains vitamin C derivatives and white plant stem cell-derived ingredients to give you smooth, glowing skin. The mask itself is made of 100% cotton, which is also very attractive.

It moisturizes the skin just right without being too sticky. I use a moisturizing serum after this face mask.

Halena Organic All-in-One Gel (Moisturizing Serum) 150ml

Halena Organic

It’s an all-in-one, so of course, this is all you need!  Sometimes when I’m in a hurry, I just use this all-in-one gel. However, I’m the type of person who gets a lot of sebum sloshing around because of the dryness, which makes my skin less safe, so on days when I have time, I use a sheet mask and then cover it with this one.

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