What is the Difference Between a “Lotion” and a “Emulsion”? How do You Use It?

lotion and emulsion
Lotion and emulsion are the basis of a skincare line. There is a distinct difference in their roles. So no matter how busy and messy you are, just lotion is all you need! This is not the case. A hydrating lotion and an oil-based emulsion should be used as a set. We asked our experts to tell us the difference, the order in which they should be used, basic application techniques, special care methods, and more. We also take a look at some of the best products in the Aesthetic 2020 First Half of Vesco’s Lotion and Emulsion Rankings.
First, understand the role! What is the difference between a “Lotion” and an “Emulsion”?
Moisturize your skin to make it more flexible!
If your skin is stiff, the base will tear easily. Fill your skin with moisturizing lotion.
If your skin is moisturized, excess sebum can be reduced.
The image of a water balloon! The goal is to have skin that is panned and taut with moisture from within.
The lotion and milky lotion are a set!
It’s strange, but I think there’s a general feeling that if you only use lotion, you feel like you’re doing skincare.
However, from my experience working at a cosmetic manufacturer, I feel like I’m using lotion and a milky lotion as a set.
However, from my experience working at a cosmetic manufacturer, I felt that it was a set of two products, a lotion, and a milky lotion. Conversely, if you don’t cover your skin with lotion, the moisture you gave it will leave your skin before it is absorbed.
Is an emulsion an absolute must?
Timeless Skin Care
Don’t just use lotion, cover it with milky lotion or gel. Are you using the only lotion in the morning because you don’t want to be shiny or have your makeup ruined?
Use oil-containing cosmetics such as emulsions and gel creams as a set.
The goal is to make your skin soft and smooth on the inside. Apply plenty of water-based beauty ingredients such as lotion and serum to your skin, then cover your skin with oil-based cosmetics. The moisture lasts for a long time.
[STEP 1]
Apply plenty of lotion. Apply lotion liberally until your cheeks feel cool.
Use a cotton ball to apply lotion less sticky than your hands.
Apply plenty of lotion until cheeks feel cooler.
[STEP 2]
Apply oil-based cosmetics such as emulsions and creams from the outside.
Spread the milky lotion or cream on your palm and then apply it from the outside to the inside, so it becomes lighter and less sticky on the T-zone.
Apply a serum to dry areas.
[STEP 3]
Check at the end. If the corners of your eyes and nose have the same texture, it’s OK.
If your nose and the corners of your eyes have the same skin texture, it’s moisturizing enough.
If it’s not enough, add more moisture to the corners of your eyes.

Basic application and use of lotion & emulsion 

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1. A Beauty Expert’s Guide to Properly Applying Lotion
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[STEP 1]
Spread the water all over the face from the center to the outside.
Start by spreading the lotion over your face.
Using the entire palm of your hand, dab the lotion from the center to the outside, spreading it outwards.
[STEP 2]
At least 5 presses on the cheek alone. Press firmly with your fingers.
Press firmly with your fingertips to penetrate deep into the skin. Start with your cheek.
Move one finger at a time and press at least five times in front of the ear. Do the same for under the eyes, forehead, and chin.
[STEP 3]
Moisturize hollowed out areas as well.
Apply to upper eyelids, eye line, and other hollowed-out areas.
When your hands get dry, add a little more lotion.
2. The model teaches you how to apply milky lotion
The one who taught me is model Miki Arimura!
After conditioning your skin with a toner, plump it up with a milky lotion that has just the right balance of moisture and oil. Soft skin is less dull! If you choose a whitening agent, you can take care of melanin and achieve a clearer look in a short time” (Arimura).
POINT 1 Use your palms to penetrate the milky lotion as you wrap your face in it.
After applying the lotion, apply the emulsion without pause.
After applying the lotion, apply the emulsion without pause. Apply to face and press in from various angles by hand.
POINT 2 Cleanliness down to the smallest detail and charge the entire stratum corneum with moisture.
Spread the milky lotion over the skin so you don’t leave any residue on it.
The redness may not go away if you blow your nose repeatedly because it’s irritated. Be sure to moisturize your skin by applying to the nostrils.
3.  Don’t do this!
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The one who taught me this was Mariko Mizui, a total beauty advisor.
It’s easy to clean up with one hand without looking in the mirror.
If you can’t see how your hands are touching, it’s easy to get messy.
Don’t use both hands, which can be messy.
4. How to apply skincare effectively to save time even when you work from home
Best Skin Care Regimen
How have women’s lifestyles and skincare behaviors changed with the increasing number of women working at home?
The results of a survey of “women in their 20s to 40s who work at home” about “changes in lifestyle and skincare attitudes and behaviors due to telecommuting…
To apply skincare effectively and efficiently in a short time, it is important to apply evenly.
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The shape of your hands during skincare application.
The fingers and palms are tightly aligned with the shape of the face, and the product is applied gently along with the roundness of the face without changing the shape of the hand.
By matching the entire palm to the shape of the face, the area of contact increases, making it possible to apply quickly and evenly to a large area.
[STEP 1]
Apply to cheeks, forehead, nose, mouth, and eye area in order from inside to outside.
Place your fingers or palms close to the skin and follow the roundness of your face.
[STEP 2]
Apply to the hollows around the eyes, nose, and mouth, which tend to fall out.
[STEP 3]
Hand-pressed for firm penetration.
The hand press allows for smooth application to the entire face.
Apply the cotton pack to the whole face to replenish moisture.
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After washing your face, lightly blend the lotion into your face and pack with a cotton ball moistened with lotion for 5 minutes.
Apply the pack to the entire face, not just those areas where you are concerned about dryness, to balance out the moisture.
[STEP 1]
Apply liberally to the skin with a generous amount of milky lotion.
After wiping your face with a towel, apply a thick layer of the milky lotion to your face as if you were applying a pack.
This alone will allow the water and oil to penetrate deep into the skin at the same time, softening and relaxing the skin,” says Kobayashi.
[STEP 2]
Steam with a hot towel and then gently wipe off.
Make a hot towel and steam it on your skin for about 30 seconds. Then wipe off the emulsion gently.
It only removes unwanted dead skin cells and sebum, leaving you with brighter, plumper skin! Mr. Kobayashi.
Clarifying Dual Essence Lotion
Lancome Lotion
[The point of this item]
A new dimension in skin clarity! A lotion born from enzyme science wins hands down.
The results of 30 years of research focused on enzymes involved in skin repair, moisture retention, and elimination.
Beech bud extracts help enzymes work to reduce the appearance of pores and make the skin plump and clear.
The novelty of using oil & essence in shake form has attracted attention, and the new star is an overwhelmingly popular product that won first place overall!
Chanel Sublimage La Lotion Lumiere
[The point of this item]
White birch-derived ingredients moisturize your skin and lead to even, bright and soft skin.
A new brightening care line has been added to our top-class skincare line.
The two common ingredients are Antilles extract, which helps in whitening effect by activating the defense function of cells, and Vanilla Planifolia concentrated water, which has an excellent antioxidant effect.
Used in a single line, it raises the overall condition of the skin.
BareMinerals|Pore Exfoliating Essence
[The point of this item]
Exfoliates gently. Beautiful skin bacteria balance sebum.
A skincare line that addresses all your pore problems.
The Mineral Fruit Complex, a blend of several fruit acids including rich minerals, easily removes dead skin cells and supports turnover.
It also balances sebum and brings out the skin’s natural beauty.
G.P. Enriched Serum Whitening
Gp Enriched
[The point of this item]
Draws out the skin’s natural whitening power and makes it moist and supple
The negative spiral of melanin hiding underneath the skin’s protein recycling system, “Autophagy Research”, has been discovered.
The new series of skin brightening products that break down the spiral has become a hot topic of conversation. The rich texture and firmness of the skin afterward are superb!

For those who want to have glowing skin, we recommend Skin Labo Kyokyun, too! 

Skin Care For Teenager

Enriched with rare beauty ingredients. This skincare line is based on natural swallow’s nest extract, which is rich in glycan nutrients including sialic acid, a skin beauty ingredient. By filling the deepest corners of the skin’s stratum corneum with rich moisture, it draws out the skin’s natural ability to become beautiful to the fullest.
John Master Organic P&L Concentrate Lotion 180ml
John Moistures
Enhances the power of your skin with the power of plants. Made in Japan to address the skin type and concerns of the Japanese. Commonly contains pomegranate seed oil, which has excellent antioxidant effects, and Madonna lily root extract, which promotes ceramide synthesis.
Shiseido AQUALABEL|Special Juleps
Shiseido Clearstick
An all-in-one lotion with four functions in one product. All you need is this one to get plenty of moisture for your skin in the morning and at night. The process of lotion, emulsion, serum, and mask feels great and I know it’s good for your skin, but I wish I could do it all at once! This is the one that fulfills the wishes of those who are wondering what to do with it. It’s exactly those four functions in one. After removing make-up and dirt, it’s like applying a toner. The thick, smooth, dense gel will wrap your skin in moisture as if to say ‘good job’. Once you apply the special gel to your bed, it is immediately absorbed and absorbed, and you can fall asleep while feeling comfortable with the feeling of your skin becoming supple and resilient as if it were bouncing back from within. It’s like falling asleep at the spa.
Zubolab|Wipe-off sheet for the night
Zubolab Night
Just by wiping it off, you can remove makeup, wash your face, apply lotion, milky lotion, and serum. The sheet will leave your skin well-moisturized and soft while removing make-up and dirt from your pores. The sheet can be used to remove not only base makeup but also waterproof point makeup and pore dirt, so you can remove makeup while lying down on your bed. It also contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients such as squalane and collagen, so your skin will be as moist and hydrated as if you were using a milky lotion or serum. Also, I especially recommend the scent. The scent of bergamot and lavender gently envelops you, leading you to a good night’s sleep that won’t leave you feeling tired the next day. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep with only half your makeup accidentally removed because it’s too comforting!
35 sheets (145 ml)
Aqua Label|Special Gel Cream N
Aqua Label
[The point of this item]
Easy to use yet highly satisfying.
An evolved all-in-one gel that serves as a lotion, serum, milky lotion, cream, and mask.
Contains Collagen GL, W Hyaluronic Acid, and Charge Amino Acid to provide long-lasting, moisturizing moisture.

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