Which Are The Most Effective Medications for Acne?

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The person who taught me this was Dr. Katsura Nakagawa, Vice Director of the Shinoro Clinic, Ebisu Hospital.

What is the difference between adult and adolescent acne?


There is no medical distinction between adult and adolescent acne, but adolescent acne is more likely to be caused by excessive sebum production, which is characteristic of adolescence. However, adolescent acne tends to be caused by the excessive secretion of sebum that is characteristic of adolescence, while adult acne is thought to be caused by an imbalance of hormones due to various factors such as overwork, irregular lifestyles, unbalanced diets, and stress,” says Dr. Nakagawa.

If you think that acne means too much sebum and remove sebum carelessly, adult acne will become a vicious cycle. The best way to prevent adult acne is to review your lifestyle and regulate the balance of hormones, while at the same time regulating skin turnover through exfoliation and adequate moisturizing.

Dr. Nakagawa says, “If you are deficient in B vitamins, sebum secretion is not maintained properly, which can be a cause of acne. A lack of vitamin C also disrupts the turnover of the skin, which can worsen acne. Proactive inner care is also key to preventing acne from forming.

Chocola BB (R) Plus 

Chocola Bb Plus

Vitamin B2 deficiency due to eating out, eating oily food, staying up late, and stress, etc. When vitamin B2 is deficient, it prevents the skin from developing normally. As a result, skin problems such as rough skin and acne occur. The supplement, Chocola BB(R) Plus, takes care of these problems from the inside. The active vitamin B2, the main ingredient that works directly inside the body, helps normalize the skin’s turnover and aims to make the skin resistant to problems. The key point is that it also contains B-complex vitamins (B6, B1, etc.) that are effective in caring for skin and fatigue, and controls nutritional deficiencies.
60 pills /120 pills/180 pills /250 pills

Lion|Pair A Tablets

Lion Pair

When metabolism is lowered due to irregular life, waste products such as dead skin cells and sebum clog the pores, causing skin irritation such as acne. Pair A Tablets focus on such metabolism. Five active ingredients, glucuronolactone, L-cysteine, yokuinin, vitamin B2, and vitamin B6, promote metabolism and approach the skin from inside the body. This product is recommended for people who say, “I always get pimples in the same place” or “I get pimples easily when I have a bad diet or get tired. A drink is also available in addition to the tablet form.
60 tablets (for 30 days) / 120 tablets (for 60 days)

What is red acne anyway?

Acne On Face

Although there is no medical classification of the different stages, we call each stage according to its color,” says Dr. Katsura Nakagawa, deputy director of the Shinoro Clinic in Ebisu.

Find out what kind of condition it is.

White acne

The relatively early stage of acne, when the pores are clogged with sebum and dead skin cells, and the pores are white and raised.

Black pimples

A pimple that has opened up the pores of a white pimple and thereby oxidized and turned reddish-black.

Red pimples

This type of pimple is caused by excessive sebum production, which causes a strong inflammatory reaction and a reddish color.

Yellow pimple

The pimples were yellowish and puffy as the inflammatory condition progressed and festered in the pores.

Types and efficacy of acne medications prescribed at hospitals



Types: Levofloxacin, roxithromycin, and minomycin
Effect: Anti-acne bacteria
Drinking period: About 2 weeks

Some people find antibiotics very effective and others don’t. If you find that antibiotics don’t work for two weeks, you should stop taking them and think about other methods such as peeling. Some people find that antibiotics are very effective, while others don’t respond at all, so it’s best to stop taking them and consider other methods, such as peels. However, don’t stop taking antibiotics on your own; seek your doctor’s advice.



Types: Vitamin C, B vitamins, Vitamin E and Haitiol
Effects: Accelerates metabolism, scavenges active oxygen species, and reduces overreactions.
Drinking period: About 2 weeks

Herbal medicine

Herbal Medicine

Types: Keishibukuriganka Jochinin, Seishobofuto Extract Granules (Seijo Bofutou)
Effects: Reduce inflammation, balance hormones, and kill acne bacteria.
Drinking period: About 2 weeks

Many people think that the effects of Chinese medicine need to be seen for a long period, but two weeks is also a good rule of thumb. Continuing to take it for months on end is not the best way to go, so talk to your doctor about switching to a different medication.

Are there any side effects on acne medications?


‘Vitamins have no side effects. Antibiotics and herbal medicines can cause side effects, such as nausea and dizziness, in some cases. ‘In conclusion, we may give you the same or different ones.

Based on the consultation, we prescribe for each patient’s skin type and lifestyle, whether it is adolescent acne or adult acne, so we may use the same medication for adolescent and adult acne, or we may mix different medications for adult acne.

For example, in the case of adult acne, there are cases where the cause is a hormonal imbalance, so we may prescribe herbal medicines to regulate the hormonal balance. We never prescribe a specific medicine for adult acne.

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