Who shot (and technically killed) Andy Warhol and why? The story of an art killer


Left: Actress Valerie Solanas (center), 28, was hired on June 3, 1968 to make films just hours before pop performer Andy Warhol. Right: Warhol’s Gun (1981). Sources: Bettmann / Associate via Getty Images;

In 1968, pop artist Andy Warhol was photographed by Valerie Solanas, a peripheral figure in the art world in New York. Two berets of 0.32 bullets from Solana pierced Warhol’s stomach, liver, spleen and lungs. Doctors barely saved his life; in fact, he died briefly, but he came to life and the experience permanently influenced his art. Who was Valerie Solanas, the person responsible for the murder of the most famous artist in the world?

The forces that created it

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Valerie Solanas was born in 1936 in New Jersey and claimed that her father sexually abused her. After her parents divorced, she disagreed with her stepfather and began to protest. In 1949, her mother sent her to live with her grandparents. According to Solanas, her grandfather was a violent alcoholic who beat her up. At the age of 15, she left her grandmother and grandmother and remained homeless. In 1953, she gave birth to a son, whose father was a married sailor. However, he finished high school and attended the University of Maryland, where he graduated in psychology. While there, he organized a radio program in which he gave advice on fighting people. After graduating, he attended the University of Minnesota and earned a degree in psychology. After he left, he attended some classes in Berkeley and started working SCUM Manifesto.

His anger is manifested in his writings

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In the mid-1960s, he moved to New York City and made a living from prostitution and abuse. She also continued to work on SCUM Manifesto He published in 1967 and sold about 400 copies on the streets of Greenwich Village. Before being published in the Olympia Press in 1968, Soldanas signed a contract with Maurice Girodias for the novel, but she persuaded him to accept the Manifesto. The SCUM manifesto begins “Life in this society is, at best, absolute boredom and no aspect of society is important to women; the civic mind and emotional search for women remain only to overthrow the government and eliminate the system.” monetary system, establish full automation and destroy the male gender. ”

His first encounter with Warhol

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In 1967, she met Andy Warhol in front of the Factory and tried to convince him to read the manuscript written for the play she wrote: Up in the ass. He found the piece offensive and feared it was a police trap, but since the piece was handwritten, he apparently responded by offering him a job as a typist. He kept the copy, and when Solanas contacted Varhol about the work, they said he had lost it and demanded to pay for the lost manuscript. He offered $ 25 to participate in the film. I am one. She also played a role that did not speak Bikeboys. She continued to call Warhol to withdraw her game, convinced that Warhol would steal his ideas from her. He would appropriate parts of the conversation for part of his work.

The day he shot Warhol

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The bills differ from the day he shot Andy Warhol. The probable story is that she first went to the acting studio, looking for Lee Strasbourg. She left a copy of her work in Strasbourg, because he was not there. He then went to Margo Feiden to try to convince her to produce the play. After talking to Felden for almost four hours about producing the play and the world without men, she told Feiden that “you will produce the play because I will be filming Andy Warhol and she will make me famous and the play famous, and then you will produce.” Feiden called the police after Solanas left, but without success.

Solanas arrived at the factory and waited for Warhol to arrive. Morrissei tried to save her, but she kept waiting. When he arrived, the phone rang and Warhol answered while Morrissey was in the bathroom. At that moment, she shot Varhol. Mario Amaia also shot in the side.

Long-term effects of filmmaking

Warhol’s Skull, 1976. Source: (pinterest)

Warhol was pronounced dead, but doctors revived him. However, he suffered permanent damage when two bullets hit his stomach, liver, spleen, esophagus and both lungs. He remained in the hospital for two months recovering from the operation and would have to wear a surgical corset to keep his organs in place for the rest of his life. The shooting changed his life in other ways as well. He left most of his cinema and moved away from his most controversial art. Instead, he invested more energy in the business and in founding a magazine that would become an interview. His artwork has also changed on the theme of death.

The shooting also sparked fear of hospitals, sparking interest in alternative medicine, such as crystal healing. He postponed gallbladder surgery for several years because of his fears. After he finally underwent surgery, he died of a heart attack, which could have prevented him from having surgery before.

Consequences of Solanas

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After the shooting, Solanas surrendered the same day, claiming that Warhol had “great control in my life.” The next day, the New York Daily News titled “The Actress Shoots Andy Warhol.” She would demand a distraction because she is a writer, not an actress. After her arrest, she underwent a psychiatric evaluation and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. However, she was considered competent to stand trial. She pleaded guilty, was sentenced to three years and was released in 1971. She spent the last years of her life in a health hotel in San Francisco. In later years, he became increasingly unstable and paranoid until his death in 1988.

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