You Won’t Throw Them Out Again When You Know What You Can Do With Them!


Who knew that bread buttons were really useful?

Most people simply put down slices of bread as soon as the bread runs out (or even sooner!). We understand that, because why would you want to be close to something that has such a specific use? Well, there are good reasons to keep these clips. You can use them for many useful things! They have the ability to make your life easier, and isn’t that all we want?

We will never throw away a piece of bread again!

We have four amazing possibilities for which you can use bread buttons and we will explain them on the following pages. Keep reading if you want to make your life a little easier.

1. Tape mark

bread for bread

Everyone will be familiar with this: you have to use the tape quickly, but you can’t find the end in the roll! It’s always when you need it most when those things happen. Of course, after being restless for a while, find the end of the tape, but it takes time and (above all) frustration. Fortunately, a loaf of bread will ensure that this problem is a thing of the past! The next time you are done with the ribbon tape, finally glue the bread button. That way you will never miss the end again and you can quickly use the tape if needed.

2. Marker

Are you reading a book but don’t have a tag on hand? No worries! Instead of remembering the page number, just use a loaf of bread to quickly find your place in the book again. Move the clip opening over the page and close the book. The clip will get stuck and will not fall and will work as a perfect marker!

3. Unscrew the headphones

bread for bread

All you need to do is look away for a moment and your headphones will get tangled. Cleaning them is a terribly irritating task and also takes a long time. Frustration! Fortunately, there is an easy solution and you may have guessed what it is: a bread clip! Unlock the headphones one last time and develop them. Put the bread clip around the wrapped headphones. It will never get tangled again!

4. Plug identification

bread for bread

Sometimes restarting the device means you need to unplug it for a few seconds. If you’re like us and use plugs all over your home, figuring out which plug belongs to which device can be a little difficult. However, there is an easy way to correct this problem. All you need are a few bread clips and use them as labels. Write the name (or abbreviation of the name) of the device on the bread clip, and then connect it to the power cord that belongs to it. This can save a lot of time!

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